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A Family Travel Tour: The Why & How of Group Travel

July 18, 2018



What comes to mind when you think about taking a tour? A flag carrying leader moving you from massive buses to cheesy tourist attractions leaving you feeling like herded cattle? While this does still exist, these days there are a ton of amazing family travel tour options focusing on adventures for the whole family that […]

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Tips on Planning a European Family Vacation

April 16, 2018



One of the most stressful parts of travel for many people is the process of actually planning the trip. This is particularly true if you are heading abroad with your family for the first time. You want everything to be just perfect. But, the logistics involved in planning a trip to Europe can be quite […]

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10 Electronic Free Activities for Kids 5-12

May 18, 2017


Electronic Free (1)

One of the first adages of flying with children is give in to the screen. Allowing your kids more screen time during travel makes life easier for everyone, but what do we do now that governments are moving to ban laptops and iPads from some international flights? In my post a few years ago, I […]

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Top Tips on How to Travel More

January 13, 2017

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Top Tips on How to Travel More (1)

I often get asked how I am able to travel so much with my son. Do you homeschool? Are you loaded? Is your travel free? All valid questions. Traveling with a family is difficult once children are in school and have limited time off, but it is not impossible. Travel is also much more expensive than […]

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Family Fun with CityPASS Seattle

February 1, 2016



In researching for our recent trip to Seattle, I soon began to realize how many family friendly attractions there are in the city. There is so much to do and see in Seattle, that our to do list was growing exponentially by the day. Our visit to Seattle occurred during the cold and rainy winter season, which […]

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Baby’s First Flight: Carry-on Essentials

April 13, 2015

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Baby's first flight (Photo by:

Your first flight with a baby is daunting and exciting. Preparing and packing carry-on essentials is one of the most important aspects for your baby’s first flight. This travel or flight bag will hold all of your child’s necessary items for the flights and/or travel along the way. I find that it’s best to keep this bag […]

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Preparing for Baby’s First Flight

April 6, 2015



Preparing for your baby’s first flight is daunting and nerve wracking. I remember it well. My son was born in India where we lived as expats. As you can imagine, the grandparents were chomping at the bit to see him. India not being the easiest country to pop into meant that we had to do […]

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What are kid friendly destinations?

December 24, 2014



One of my fellow family travel bloggers posted a question on their Facebook page a while back asking where people thought of when they thought of kid friendly destinations. My initial response was Costa Rica, mostly because we were in the midst of planning a trip there. But then I realized that every place is kid friendly […]

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Travelling to India with Kids

November 21, 2014



Travel to India without children seems daunting to most people, much less with small kids in tow. However, traveling to India with kids can be a rich and rewarding experience for the entire family. Yes, it can be difficult, but I have to say that it is not that much harder than a trip to […]

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First preparations for our India Family trip

August 3, 2014


goa_march 071

I made the decision and finally bought our tickets for our fall break. We are going to India! It’s not a new destination for us, so it was not easy to convince the family of the merits of returning. But after being away for a little more than 2 years, I really miss it and […]

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Packing Tips for Travel with Toddlers

July 21, 2014

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After more than 20 international and domestic trips with my toddler, I have almost perfected our list of what to take with us, no matter where we are going, San Francisco, Ireland or India. Much of our travel to this point has been to developing countries, therefore many of my recommendations are based on that.  However, […]

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Travel Activities for Kids Without Using Electronics

July 3, 2014



We are not an electronic free family, but for much of our travel, our son has not been very interested in watching movies or playing on the iPad. This has meant coming up with lots of ideas on how to keep him entertained on our long trans-atlantic flights or our 7 hour car journey between […]

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Top Tips for Flying with Toddlers

May 18, 2013

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Top Tips for Flying with Toddlers I am constantly peppered with questions on how to travel with a toddler. Our son has been on over 30 flights in his first 2.5 years, so he is already a seasoned traveler but it didn’t come without some trials along the way. Here are our top tips for flying […]

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