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California Adventure with Toddlers – Ride & Entertainment Guide

May 28, 2014



Updated 8/2015 This is my pick for a toddler’s first visit to a Disney theme park. This park is much smaller than Disneyland and feels much more manageable to do with a toddler. The rides are mellow and have less ‘scary’ characters and the park feels more spread out which helps with children who get […]

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Disneyland with Toddlers – Ride & Entertainment Guide

May 22, 2014



Going to Disneyland (and California Adventure) with toddlers is exhausting and overwhelming for many. This is even further exaggerated if you have limited time at the parks. Our Disneyland with toddlers rides and entertainment guide with where to beat the heat, rest your tired feet and what to do with kids who don’t like the […]

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Planning a Trip to Disneyland with Toddlers

May 16, 2014



Planning a trip to Disneyland with toddlers can be overwhelming. After several years of attending as season pass holders, we have learned the ins and outs on how to get the most out of a visit. When To Go The best time of year to go to Disneyland (or California Adventure) is in either late January, […]

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