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Review: ProPacking Cubes, the Family Packing Essential

April 7, 2017

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Copy of Must Have Travel

Do you struggle to stay organized when you travel? If so, this post is specifically for you! At home some might say I am an organized mess, meaning I know exactly where everything goes and is, even if it looks like a tornado swept through moments before. When I’m traveling I am pretty much the same. Super […]

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Family Camping Packing Checklist

June 18, 2015



Having just returned from camping with my son’s preschool, our camping packing checklist is fresh on my mind, including all of the things that we forgot to bring! This is my second year in a row of planning my son’s preschool camping trip. I love the planning and organizational aspects of this role, but I […]

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Baby’s First Flight: Carry-on Essentials

April 13, 2015

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Baby's first flight (Photo by:

Your first flight with a baby is daunting and exciting. Preparing and packing carry-on essentials is one of the most important aspects for your baby’s first flight. This travel or flight bag will hold all of your child’s necessary items for the flights and/or travel along the way. I find that it’s best to keep this bag […]

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Packing Tips for Travel with Toddlers

July 21, 2014

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After more than 20 international and domestic trips with my toddler, I have almost perfected our list of what to take with us, no matter where we are going, San Francisco, Ireland or India. Much of our travel to this point has been to developing countries, therefore many of my recommendations are based on that.  However, […]

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Travel Activities for Kids Without Using Electronics

July 3, 2014



We are not an electronic free family, but for much of our travel, our son has not been very interested in watching movies or playing on the iPad. This has meant coming up with lots of ideas on how to keep him entertained on our long trans-atlantic flights or our 7 hour car journey between […]

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Packing List for a Toddler’s Travel Bag

June 21, 2014



When we travel I always follow the same packing list for my son’s travel bag. It contains all of the things that he will need during the flight (car, bus or train journey). I refresh the bag with supplies as needed for each of the major legs of our trip. By packing the same things every […]

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Packing Essentials: Developing Countries

May 9, 2013


bihar bus

After 8+ years of living and many more years of traveling in developing countries, I have developed a pretty good packing list. I know exactly what to take versus what to buy at my destination.  I try to always pack light and leave room for souvenirs.  I take the exact same amount of stuff if I […]

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