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A Family Travel Tour: The Why & How of Group Travel

July 18, 2018



What comes to mind when you think about taking a tour? A flag carrying leader moving you from massive buses to cheesy tourist attractions leaving you feeling like herded cattle? While this does still exist, these days there are a ton of amazing family travel tour options focusing on adventures for the whole family that […]

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Children’s Books on Costa Rica

February 23, 2017


Kids Books on Costa Rica

One of the best ways to armchair family travel is by reading books based in different locations. As a family, we love reading books that teach us about different cultures and traditions around the world, especially when we are not traveling. However, whenever we are planning a trip somewhere, we always make a visit to the library […]

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Uthando: A New Way of Visiting the Townships of Cape Town

August 25, 2016



There is much controversy in the so called “poverty tours” – do they provide a learning experience or is it just a way to gawk at those less fortunate? Having lived in Mumbai working in many poor and slum communities I am particularly aware of this type of tourism and it’s many sides. In some ways, it is educational […]

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Couchsurfing with Kids

February 22, 2016

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CouchSurfing with kids

A few years ago, a friend of mine went traveling for several months one winter with her 4 year old daughter. As I watched their journey I kept wondering how she was managing for so long on her own while traveling to off the beaten path locations throughout Europe. Turns out, she survived (and thrived) in […]

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Gift Guide for Global Kids

December 17, 2015


Ultimate (2)

I thought I was done with my gift giving guides, but I have recently come across a few amazing things that I thought I would share quickly before the holiday season comes to a close.  One of our goals as parents is to raise a globally minded child. In this realm, we explore themes related […]

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7 ways to Celebrate Diwali with Kids

November 5, 2015



One of our favorite festivals during our time in India was Diwali, known in Sanskrit as Deepavali. It gets its name from the row (avali) of clay lamps (or deepa) that are lit outside of people’s homes. Basically, Diwali celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and the beginning of a new year. It is […]

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Tips for Raising a Global Child

May 19, 2015



One of the great benefits of travelling with children is the knowledge that you are raising a global child to live on a planet that is becoming smaller each day. Providing children with global awareness prepares them for the future. They’ll be more able to tackle the environmental, economic, political and public-health challenges they will inherit. To give kids the benefits […]

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Celebrating Holi with Kids at Home

February 5, 2015



You have read about Holi, you have seen the photos, but you aren’t sure if you (or your child) are ready to deal with a public celebration? Have your own house party instead! Celebrating Holi with kids at home is a simple and fun afternoon activity. If you want to celebrate with the rest of India, Holi […]

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