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Glamping in Southern California

April 13, 2017



I love camping, as in, I love being out in nature. But I actually don’t really love setting up a tent, sleeping on a half inflated air mattress (I mean they never stay inflated for the whole night right?) or cooking on a one pot stove or an open flame (anything besides a s’more that is!). What […]

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Camping in the Mojave National Preserve

February 9, 2017



If you read our post on Exploring the Mojave Preserve, you might remember that the basic premise for this park is a place for self discovery, adventure and exploration. This extends to where you will stay as well. Given that there is no town anywhere nearby and the park itself does not provide any accommodation […]

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Family Camping Packing Checklist

June 18, 2015



Having just returned from camping with my son’s preschool, our camping packing checklist is fresh on my mind, including all of the things that we forgot to bring! This is my second year in a row of planning my son’s preschool camping trip. I love the planning and organizational aspects of this role, but I […]

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