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Top 5 Things To Do in the Riviera Maya with Kids

September 29, 2015


Things to do in the Riviera Maya with Kids

Growing up in Texas and living much of my adult life in California it was a shock to most people that I had never made it to our next door neighbor Mexico. I had always wanted to go, but more distant places always won me over. With a long weekend on the horizon and credit […]

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Family Fun at Xcaret in the Riviera Maya

June 9, 2015



One of our most memorable days during our visit to the Riviera Maya region of Mexico was our last minute trip to Xcaret (ish-car-et). Skeptical, but lured in by the advertisements, we weren’t sure how we felt about spending our last day at a cheesy Disneyeque theme park, but we were game to check it out. (more…)

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Hotel Review: Riviera Maya Bel Air Resort Xpuha

April 21, 2015


04-IMG_9442 (2)

Riviera Maya Bel Air Resort & Animal Sanctuary On our trip to Mexico last year we used miles for everything. Airline miles for our flights and credit card miles for our rental car and accommodation.  As is often the case of booking through miles (and last minute) our options for accommodation were limited in the […]

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