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Classic Car Night At Bob’s Big Boy

Classic Car Night at Bob’s Big Boy

Classic Car Night at Bob’s Big BoyClassic Car Night

Every Friday from 5 pm – 10 pm, classic car’s start rolling into Bob’s Big Boy in the Toluca Lake area of Burbank. My son asks me about all of the new, interesting cars on the road, so we thought this would be a fun night out for him. And it’s on our 101 things to do in LA, which we are crossing things off of left and right this month!

Classic Car Night

Even if you arrive on the early side, there are plenty of cars to keep the little ones entertained and for the most part, the car owners are happy to answer all of the random questions thrown at them. Stay as late as you can manage for the full showcase of classic cars.

We recommend you visit the cars for a bit and then go inside for dinner before the wait gets too long. The food was just what you would expect from a diner and surprisingly by LA standards, not expensive. They even have veggie burgers for the vegetarians out there and a decent selection on the kids menu.

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Classic Car Night at Bobs Big Boy

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