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E.T. At The Hollywood Bowl

E.T. at the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood BowlEvery year the same thing happens. All summer long, my social media fills up with photos of awesome open air concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. Like clockwork, every year I am filled with regret on missing another “once in a lifetime” show at LA’s famous outdoor amphitheater.

Well, not this year! I am planning in advance and I will be at the Hollywood Bowl to see a truly unique show – E.T. projected on a big screen while John Williams’ entire score is performed live by the LA Philharmonic. Two birds, one stone as the saying goes. I have been dying to see the LA Philharmonic play and what better time than to a childhood classic.

et-980I know I always go on about the how much we love the Summer Sounds concert series for kids, but the truth is, after 3 years in LA I still haven’t been to an evening show at the Hollywood Bowl. So you can imagine how psyched I am to see E.T. there next weekend. It looks to be an amazing event for families and adults who want to relive their childhood. I will be there, with my blanky ready to hide under during the scary parts, just like when I was a kid!

Don’t remember much about the film? I didn’t either until I watched this trailerBrings back some memories doesn’t it? 

I have a feeling that I am going to be hooked and it will be you looking at my Instagram flooded with summer concert photos wishing you had joined! I’m already eyeing the B-52s and Psychedelic Furs Fireworks Finale in September. To squeeze in a show before the end of summer, check out the few remaining shows on their calendar.


When: Friday, September 4th at 8:00pm, Saturday September 5th at 8:00pm and Sunday September 6th at 7:30 pm.

Address: 2301 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

Parking: Parking is expensive and a bit of a headache when you go with children. Opt for non-stacked lots (near Highland & Hollywood Blvd) or take Uber for the most convenience. You just never know with kids when you might need to leave early.

Tickets: You can purchase tickets online, by phone (323.850.2000) or at the Hollywood Bowl’s box office. Prices start around $25 per ticket. All children over 2 yrs old need a ticket.

What to Bring: Bring food, drinks, blankets, seat cushions (for bench seating) and any other tidbits you will enjoy at an outdoor concert.

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Photos: Top via Flickr; ET promo photo via Hollywood Bowl


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