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Photo Friday: Public Transportation

Coming up from the metro

When you think of LA you don’t think of public transportation, but it really does exist here.  Although, even I have been fooled. After only 9 months of living here, I have become the typical Angeleno who drives to the store 3 blocks away. If I was in San Francisco I wouldn’t even dream of driving and risk loosing my parking spot. In Mumbai, I would have taken an auto rickshaw if I was super lazy, but still I wouldn’t have driven. So why is it here, where the weather is beautiful year round, that we always hop in the car? No clue.

This week I decided to take a leaf from my husbands book and get back on the bus (or train). My husband doesn’t drive at all, rather he relies on public transportation entirely to get from one corner of this city to another. So, I figured it was time I checked it out as well.

My son and I decided to go to downtown LA on the underground metro. It was perfect and really much better than I would have thought. Granted, it isn’t NY, London or Berlin, but for a massive sprawling city there are pretty decent public transport options, depending on where you live. Always has to be a caveat right? We are lucky to live close to a metro station, so I think I will try to leave the car at home a bit more and support public transport here in LA.

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