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Summer Sounds At The Hollywood Bowl

Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl

IMG_2511 Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time for one of our favorite summer activities – Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl. Every time we drive by the Hollywood Bowl, my son starts talking about Mr. K and Summer Sounds, asking excitedly if it’s summer yet (it’s hard to tell in LA when the seasons change!).

The schedule (July 7th – Aug 1st) has been released and tickets are on sale. We are excited to see that it is back this year, although with a reduced schedule and a larger price tag.  But we are hooked, even more so after seeing that the line up  includes Irish music (my son is half Irish), Bollywood music (he was born in India), West African and Latin music. Even with only one week per genre, this looks to be a great performing arts series for kids of all ages.

If the show is anything like last year, you can expect a fun theater performance involving a woman named Skye and a grumpy ‘old’ man named Mr. K who does not like live music! He is the hit of the show according to the young viewers. After a lively theater performance introduction to the week’s theme of music, the musicians come out and plays several songs, many of which ask for the children’s involvement, so do not worry, your kids don’t have to sit still for the entire performance.

The show is approximately 45 minutes and is able to keep even the youngest viewers’ attention.  There is no food/drink , photography or filming allowed during the performances. Load the kids up on snacks before entering the patio performance area. There are two shows every day (M-F), a 10 am music performance with a 11:15 am art workshop or 10 am art workshop with the 11:15 am music performance.


And just so there are no broken hearts like mine was last year – the show is not actually inside the Hollywood Bowl, rather on a side patio leading up to the Bowl. If you arrive early, walk around and check out the Hollywood Bowl area and maybe even catch a sound check.

Another change for this year’s event is that the art workshop is included in all tickets. The workshop is held near the parking area either before or after the musical performance.  It makes the ticket prices a bit hefty this year ($15 per person), but for my son, the art was just as important as the music. We still have our CD necklace with beads glued on and a cardboard guitar bouncing around the house!

The Specifics:

  • Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online. Buy early as they often sell out. Tickets ($15 per person) are required for all children aged 2 and above. If you plan to attend all 4 weeks, you are eligible for cheaper tickets through the box office.
  • Parking  is onsite. It is free, plentiful and easy.
  • Strict no food, drink or photography policy during the show
  • Strollers are not allowed in the patio area, but they provide safe parking just outside. You might need it to get from the car as it can be a long walk.
  • If your child is sensitive to loud music, bring his/her headphones.
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