Travel Memories: Angkor Wat

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge, an initiative that invites bloggers to post an alphabet-themed post every day (excluding Sundays) during the month of April.  As part of this challenge, I’ll be sharing some of my travel memories to known and unknown places in the hope to inspire your travel dreams.

angkorwat_day3 086 Sunriseee
Sunrise at Angkor Wat

A is for…Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

On my 30th birthday I willingly woke up at 4 in the morning to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat.  It has proven to be the most magical birthday I have ever had. Just like a high from drugs, I have been constantly trying to recreate that special day with each passing year. My next birthday will be my 10th (leap day baby) and my 40th, so the quest is on to find something as special as Angkor Wat. (Any recommendations?)

angkorwat_day1 160e
Spying on Monks around Angkor Wat

The morning started off with bleary eyes pushing our way through the tiny holes left between tripods set up along the shores of the water to get the perfect spot (along with everyone else). After what must have been a hundred photos (digital and film) of the sun slowly rising around us, we then headed off to stalk monks who were strolling the grounds of Angkor Wat. Chasing orange and yellow robes as they float around the ruins, while soaking up the peacefulness that is totally and completely absorbing at this world treasure were ingredients for a perfect day.

angkorwat_day2 144e
Bayon Temple, Angkor Wat

34 thoughts on “Travel Memories: Angkor Wat”

  1. Sometimes the most special places are the ones that are visually stunning but are not overrun with tourists. Uluru in Australia would be a great place to visit for your 10/40th birthday as it has a lot of the local aboriginal culture around it. Its popular in places but if you walk around it you often have the place to yourself and you can read all of the signs that explain the dreamtime stories.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  2. Luv that Bayon Temple photo you posted from your travels around Angkor Wat. I’ve heard of that place and wondered about traveling to Cambodia…what it’s like there. Earlier today I read a news story about a woman who celebrated her 30th birthday with an “ex-travel-ganza” going to Mexico alone and then to Miami to visit her family. In the article she says while it’s enjoyable traveling in the company of others, she also enjoys the freedom that traveling alone brings.

    The closest I’ve been to Cambodia is my classmates and the folks in the neighborhood I grew up in. These days, I visit the place by watching YouTube vlogs and living vicariously through a man who has documented his adventures there. I like your travel theme for April 🙂

    A to Z Challenge CoHost
    The Madlab Post

    • Thanks Nicole! it’s such a magical place. Love that you watch vlogs on Cambodia. I will have to check some out myself now!

  3. I’ve had this incredible experience also! Watching the sun rise from behind the temples. It’s truly beautiful!! What a way to spend a birthday!

    And WOW… absolutely stunning photos 🙂

    Really looking forward to your posts throughout the challenge.

    I’m also doing the challenge — blogging my first month living in Auckland, New Zealand. I move (from Los Angeles) tomorrow!!


    Alexa Rae

    • Wow, so awesome that you are moving to New Zealand. We need to get there still. I will check out your posts for sure. Good luck on the move.

  4. Beautiful! I missed my sunrise over Angkor Wat because some of the younger members of our tour group overslept on account of having drunk too much the night before! I still enjoyed being there during the daylight hours.


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