fmf_9648Hi! I am Karilyn. I am a freelance writer/blogger and traveler extraordinaire.  I have been traveling since my early 20s and have spent at least 24 hrs in more than 48 countries. I try to make sure to visit at least one new country every year. 2012 was the first year that I did not have a new country in my 13 years of travel! However, moving across the world with a toddler and two cats must count as enough adventure for the year!

My initial few excursions abroad were solo budget backpacker trips, but as I aged (and my husband influenced me!), I began to like a few more creature comforts while traveling. I now consider myself more of a flashpacker (backpacker at heart with a little more cash in the pocket!)  I always try to make sure to keep my love of exotic and adventure trips alive in my trip planning, even with a child.  I love everything from bustling cities to off the beaten path middle of nowhere locations.

I was born in Texas, lived in San Francisco and then got ‘stuck’ in India on a trip around the world. My husband and I met in San Francisco through mutual friends when he was visiting from India. Lucky for him, we met right before I was set to go on a trip around the world.  I arrived to Mumbai with a backpack and left more than 9 years later with a husband, a toddler and 2 Indian street cats!

Being back in the US has not provided as many travel opportunities as I am accustomed to, so while I am not off globetrotting I explore my new home city of Los Angeles as much as possible…with the little one in tow!

Since I will surely refer to my partners in crime, so a little background on my two favorite guys!

The pose that started it all, rabbit face!Folo is the wonderful husband, father and Irishman. He is a colorist for films, tv and commercials. He loves his work more than most anything, and unfortunately (for me!) it is not the type of work that he can do from home (not yet at least). Folo was born in Dublin, Ireland, so is a real Irishman! He moved to India on a 3 month contract that extended to 10 years, and a lot more than he bargained for (a wife, 2 cats and a toddler)!

Folo’s concept of travel was initially beach focused and a bit higher end than my backpacker self was used to. After his first “adventure” trip to Cambodia he was sold and now loves to explore off the beaten path, with the occasional 5 star hotel thrown in.  He is constantly chasing my country count and loves it when I have to repeat a country that is new to him!

Cian is our adorable son and one of the most well traveled kids we know.  I said cheese mama. Guess that means he wants his photo taken!Cian was born in Mumbai, where he lived for his first 2 years before moving to Los Angeles. He LOVES flying, taking buses and just going going going. This site is named from one of his favorite phrases “no back home” which he would repeat every single time we were out and about. He is always up for a new adventure and is willing to put sleep aside to explore something new (although Mommy doesn’t let that happen too often!).

He is obsessed with nature, hikes and being a park ranger. He has already collected more than 25 junior park ranger badges and is on the hunt for more with each trip we take. Cian’s favorite things are exploring nature, seeing animals in the wild, and drawing what he sees in the world around him. It is not unheard of for him to wake up asking when we can go to some new far flung country that I didn’t even know he knew about!

Join us as we recount our travels, provide tips and information and hopefully inspire you to get out and see more of the world with your kids!

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