Travel Memories: Cesky Krumlov

Welcome to the A to Z Challenge, an initiative that invites bloggers to post an alphabet-themed post every day (excluding Sundays) during the month of April.  As part of this challenge, I’ll be sharing some of my travel memories to known and unknown places in the hope to inspire your travel dreams.

View over Cesky Krumlov (2000)

C is for…Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)

On my first international trip I backpacked around Europe on a Eurorail pass (as you must!). I had a plan sketched out, but as a traveler, my itinerary was always fluid. In Prague, I met up with a few backpackers who were heading to an enchanting town not too far away that was a must see. I dumped my plans and headed out with my new friends. As soon as I set eyes on this adorable Czech town, I was mesmerized. Cobbled stone streets, the Vltava River bending around the town and a beautiful castle looming above took me by storm.

Cesky Krumlov castle looming over the town

Cesky Krumlov continues to be one of the most enigmatic towns I have ever visited. I spent a day tubing on the river, stopping off at random cafes along the way to meet-up with travelers I had met or to grab some food. It was such a lively backpacker stop, that you could easily imagine yourself staying indefinitely.

Sunset over Cesky Krumlov and it’s beautiful castle

Many travel memories are not always based on where you are, but often with whom you share the experience. Fifteen years later I could not even begin to tell you who I was with, but the feeling of how much fun I had and the mental images of the town have stayed with me all these years.

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  1. Am loving your travel memories!You must have enough to fill all 26 letters, you lucky thing 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying the A to Z x


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