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10 Electronic Free Activities for Kids 5-12

May 18, 2017


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One of the first adages of flying with children is give in to the screen. Allowing your kids more screen time during travel makes life easier for everyone, but what do we do now that governments are moving to ban laptops and iPads from some international flights? In my post a few years ago, I […]

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Kids Workshop at Home Depot

April 16, 2015

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Do you have a construction loving little one? If so, this is the post for you! My son gets confused with all of the large warehouse type stores, so when he sees Home Depot he says “This is my favorite Target!” very excitedly. It must run in the genes. His grandfather is a contractor and […]

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Travel Activities for Kids Without Using Electronics

July 3, 2014



We are not an electronic free family, but for much of our travel, our son has not been very interested in watching movies or playing on the iPad. This has meant coming up with lots of ideas on how to keep him entertained on our long trans-atlantic flights or our 7 hour car journey between […]

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