Best Outdoor Gear for Families This Spring

One of my favorite things to do is get outdoors with my son. From camping to hiking and everything in between, we are always on the go. I’ve learned over time that the better prepared we are with the correct gear, the more fun we can have! From selecting the right clothes to keep you warm and dry to actual outdoor gear to ensure a great time, we have you covered. 

This year I have joined up with a few other family outdoor enthusiasts to come up with what we think is the best outdoor gear for families this spring. Read on for more details!

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Top 5 Picks for Best Outdoor Gear This Spring

  1. Merino Wool Base Layers and Blankets from iksplor
  2. Bobbi Rain Boots for Her from Merry People
  3. Baby Sleeping Bag/Sleep Sack by Morrison Outdoor
  4. Quick Set-up 6 Person Tent from UST
  5. Merino Silk Hoodie and Wool Socks from Nui Organics


17 More Amazing Outdoor Gear Selections for Family Fun

While the above are some great products to get you started for your spring outdoor adventures, we have so many other cool things to recommend below. Keep reading for great recommendations on clothes, fun activities and accessories and must have gear to help make your spring outings even more successful. 

  1. Sunglasses from Tifosi Optics
  2. Softshell Jacket and Hiking Pants by Reima Gear
  3. Helmet Accessories by Helmet Flair
  4. Portable Campfire from Wolf and Grizzly
  5. Espin Nesta Electric Bike
  6. TowWhee Bike Strap
  7. Bear Spray from Sabre
  8. Insulated Food Jars from Stanley
  9. Guided Tours and Experiences – 57Hours
  10. Shotgun Child Bike Seat & Handlebars
  11. Games and Activity Books from Cruisin and Campfires
  12. Mosquito Repellent Jacket by Mozzie
  13. Kids Rain Boots from Kuoma
  14. Vintage Destination Long Sleeve Tees from American Backcountry
  15. Hard-Sided Cooler(s) from Grizzly
  16. RV rental from RVezy
  17. Camping Activity Book for Kids

Curious who my outdoor gear collaborators are for this post? Read all about each of them below.

Nicky at A Little Family Adventure 

Mel at TravelingMel 

Amelia at Tales of a Mountain Mama

Jessica at Bring the Kids

Are you ready to get outside this spring? What is first on your buy list? Do you have the best outdoor gear you would recommend?

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Are you looking to get out more this spring? Look no further than our recommendations for the best outdoor gear for families this spring. Are you looking to get out more this spring? Look no further than our recommendations for the best outdoor gear for families this spring.

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