JUCY: The Campervan for Non-Campers

JUCY: The Campervan for Non-CampersI’m in love. We have just returned from a long weekend exploring the California desert in a JUCY campervan and it was amazing! Ever since I first saw these crazy looking green and purple vans on the road during our Arizona-Utah road trip a few years ago I have been dying to check one out. Being national park junkies, we were dying to check off one of our last national park service parks in Southern California, the Mojave Preserve. However, I am not super into roughing it, especially in a place that is in the middle of nowhere, so it continued to sink to the bottom of our to do list. That is until we got the opportunity to rent a JUCY, which was just what we needed for this adventure.

If you follow us on Facebook (and if you don’t, then you should!), you probably saw photos of our weekend road trip. However, for the rest of you wondering what this is all about, let me explain.

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