A Guide to Ventura County: A Family Getaway Destination

Guide to Ventura CountyLiving in Los Angeles means pretty great weather most of the year.. except for a few months during the summer where temperatures regularly soar into the high 90s and 100s. It is during these times that we look to get away even if it’s not very far. One of the best places we have found to escape the soaring temperatures (or at any time of year!) is just an hour away on the Ventura County Coast. Not only does Ventura County have pretty great weather all year, it is also quite economical.

Being sandwiched between the high-profile destination cities of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara means that Ventura County is often overlooked. This is a shame too because it has so much to offer visitors. Similar in ways to its northern neighbor of Santa Barbara with a beautiful sea-side location and a historic Spanish mission, Ventura feels more easy-going than it’s neighbors. In essence, Ventura County provides the classic California beach town charm without breaking the bank, making it a perfect destination for families looking to get away for a quick break.

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