10 Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting the Taj Mahal in India

If you are on a trip to India, the you will surely be planning visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. As one of the premier attractions in India it is on every bucket list, but there is a lot of information to know before you go to ensure you have the best visit. 

This white marble magnificence was ordered to be built by Shah Jahan for his most loved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Often called a monument to love, the Taj Mahal is spellbinding, no matter how many times you see it. 

After living in India for a decade and visiting the Taj Mahal many times throughout the years, with and without kids, I share with you my top 10 mistakes to avoid when visiting the Taj Mahal. Make sure to read all of this as it contains very important information that will make or break your once in a lifetime visit to this iconic landmark. 

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