The Best Kids Travel Backpack Options for All Ages

OK, you are ready to set off with your kids for the first time or the 100th, but just haven’t figured out how to pack. Our top recommendation for traveling families is to invest in a great kids travel backpack. Considering life on the road has its own obstacles to overcome, functional travel gear is a great way to help reduce everyone’s stress. 

Through the years we have found that the best travel backpacks are much more helpful than roller bags while schlepping through airports or train stations. That said, my son used his monkey roller bag in over 15 countries for several years. It was a great bag which kids love, but it is not always convenient. My son often struggled getting on escalators and up and down stairs, which meant I was left carrying it along with my bag as well.  For parents with more than one kid, this is not fun to deal with as you run for your tight connections.

Enter, the best kids travel backpack options for all ages. When my son was smaller he would carry just his travel essentials (i.e. art supplies, toys and snacks) in his backpack. Now at age 9, he carries everything he needs for our trips on his own.

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