5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Fiji

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5 reasons why you should visit FijiWe have just returned from a “once in a lifetime” trip to Fiji. I put it in quotes because I really hope that it is not actually just once in my lifetime! I wasn’t sure what to expect other than it looked similar to Hawaii, is known as a honeymoon destination and a getaway for the rich and famous.

Without fail, everyone we talked to about Fiji said it was their dream to go someday. Rightly so, who wouldn’t want to go to an idyllic paradise with beautiful white sand beaches in the middle of crystalline waters? Even with the weather not cooperating for most of our trip, I have to admit that it was still magical, but not for the reasons I had initially thought. Read on for the 5 reasons why you should visit Fiji too.

1. The People

5 reasons why you should visit Fiji: The people!All things being equal with other island destinations (cost, beauty, etc), the one thing that makes Fiji stand out well above the rest are the people.  Fijians are beautiful people inside and out. From the moment you get off the plane until the moment you depart you will hear an enthusiastic “Bula” (which means hello) with a massive smile from everyone you make eye contact with. From the poorest villager to the general manager at high-end hotels, the people are honestly friendly, genuine and so welcoming. They love their country and are so happy that you have come to see their island(s) in the middle of the South Pacific.  It is the Fijian people, not just the beautiful scenery that will make you fall in love with this island nation. Bula is still going strong in our household from the morning hello to ‘bless you’ after you sneeze! BULA!

2. The Landscapes

5 reasons why you should visit Fiji: The LandscapesWhite sand beaches. Check. Crystal clear water. Check. Lush rain forests. Check. The landscapes in Fiji are actually quite varied. Some areas of Fiji are flat, but so much of the islands are mountainous which was a surprise for us. From the lush rain forests on Vanua Levu and Taveuni to the flat sugarcane fields on Viti Levu, all intermingled with rivers and waterfalls crisscrossing the beautiful islands. The towns and villages are reminiscent of beachside communities in India, which made us feel at home, but provides an sense of the exotic for others. The abundance of fruit trees, coconut, banana and mango, everywhere you look is amazing. There is actually so much free fruit that often much of it goes to waste as it falls to the ground and rots.

The beaches. No two beaches are the same. There is a beach for every traveler here. Fine white sand beaches, beaches covered with shells to collect, beaches with lava rocks and colorful coral steps away from shore, you name it, it is in Fiji.

Fiji is an amazing place to get a boat and explore. The islands and beaches that await you are mesmerizing!

3. The Food

5 reasons you should go to Fiji: The FoodWhen I say the food, I mostly mean the Indian food! After almost a decade in India, I am constantly on the hunt for good Indian food.  I was pleasantly surprised how authentic and amazing the Indian food was in Fiji. From the roadside stall selling onion pakora and yellow dal to the myriad of restaurants in Nadi, I was in heaven. Apart from the Indian influences, the traditional and local Fijian food was delicious and perfect for a pescatarian like myself. In the West many people are obsessed with farm to table food – Fiji does this without even trying. The food you eat comes from the island itself or from the surrounding waters. The variety might be lacking at the local markets, but what they can do with limited root vegetables, coconut and fish is amazing!

4. The Hotels

5 reasons why you should visit Fiji: The Hotels!The hotels are absolutely amazing. We stayed in 3 different places during our visit – deluxe luxury, high end and mid range. I can’t say what the budget hotels are like, but from everything we saw, even they would have plenty to make guests happy. From Yasawa Resort & Spa, the quintessential idyllic beach destination that every one imagines to the super high end Nanuku Resort on the Coral Coast with exceptional views, service and lessons in local culture to Koro Sun, a rainforest retreat that makes you feel you are on the set of LOST you are sure to find something you love. Contrary to what people imagine, there are an abundance of places to stay on the islands from budget backpacker to super luxury, catering to all tastes and budgets. I would love to go back and sample some of the backpacker burres (huts) situated on some of the further islands as well as revisit more of the luxurious hotels Fiji is known for.

5. Exceptional Service

5 reasons why you should visit Fiji: The ServiceThis sort of ties into the people and the hotels, but the level of service in Fiji is outstanding no matter where you go. From the taxi driver at the airport to the wait staff at the hotels. Everyone takes care of your every need and makes sure that you walk away with a genuine feeling of love for their country. One of the many examples of the care that Fijians give – my son bought a small wooden drum as a souvenir. As soon as the staff saw it, they promptly replied that he must have a stand for it and ran away with his drum. With less than 24 hours before our departure, they returned with a custom made stand with his name engraved on it. Not one actually, but two, because they wanted him to have options. He was over the moon. They also helped realize my son’s artistic visions by turning his painted coconut bowl into a bucket for collecting shells! I could go on and on about the exceptional service we received even from our taxi driver in Nadi. The people are genuine, helpful and love to show visitors a great time. Vinaka Fiji!

It turned out that it wasn’t the white sand beaches with turquoise waters that stole my heart (although they were beautiful!), it was everything else. I can truly say that a trip to Fiji should be on everyone’s wish list if only to meet some of the nicest people on the planet.

Bula Vinaka!

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5 Reasons why you should visit Fiji at least once in your life - and it's not for what you think!



Thank you to Yasawa Resort & Spa, Nanuku Auberge Resort & Koro Sun Resort for their hospitality and for hosting my family on this visit. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

This post is part of #WeekendWanderlust & #TheWeeklyPostcard.



31 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Fiji”

  1. That’s really nice place! The map here would be suitable because now I have to go to google maps looking where Fiji actually is. πŸ™‚ I heard a lot about this island, and once my kids will be little bit older I will take them to this island.

  2. I really did not need a reason to visit Fiji besides FIJI!!! but your pics were beautiful and will inspire many a daydream!

    • Yes it was a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. Based on the service and quality of things I felt OK, but definitely hard to go on a super tight budget I imagine.

  3. Wow, Fiji is gorgeous. It does look similar to Hawaii, but very cool that they have their own unique culture. I’d love to visit someday!

  4. I’m from New Zealand which is relatively close to Fiji and I am so sad to say I have never been! We live in Japan now but I do hope to visit Fiji, everything about it looks gorgeous.

  5. As an Aussie who lives so close to Fiji that we can shoot over to Fiji for a long weekend it sounds strange to hear people consider it “a getaway for the rich and famous”.
    While Fiji is everything you said and more as far as an amazing and beautiful family or couples holiday destination, Aussies see it as somewhere close and relatively cheap. We can fly from our East Coast in a few hours for just a few hundred dollars.
    It was the first place that ever captured me so fully that I wanted to return one day.

    • It is funny how we Americans see Fiji. It’s Australia’s Hawaii is what I’ve heard from our friends there. But even Hawaii to many Americans is quite exotic. For those of us on the west coast it’s a quick 5 he flight that many families repeat yearly!

      Funny that you guys see Fiji as cheap.. Is it cheap when you get there or just because most other destinations from Oz are SO far!

  6. I’ve been in Fiji many, many years ago and I remember being as excited as you are about it. I was very pleasantly impressed by its people.

  7. Gorgeous! I have to admit Fiji is one of my “dream” destinations as well, but I didn’t know all of this. Very cool to hear about the delicious Indian food!

  8. Looks like a wonderful place to visit, I love the south pacific. I will have to put Fiji on our list of places to visit. Great food, great people what more can you ask for?

  9. Ok, so I’m sold!!! I love the fact that it’s not all about beaches (we’re not mega beach people either), and the service sounds divine!

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I love Fiji and the people are some of the nicest, most welcoming people I ever met. It’s filled with beauty.

  11. You’re making me dream of visiting Fiji! This isn’t something I’ve thought about before, since the beaches of the east coast of the US are pretty amazing, and I thought that was the main reason to visit. But you’ve made Fiji sound very appealing in lots of other ways, and I didn’t even realize the food was great. A subject close to my heart.

    • Yes the beaches of the US are pretty amazing, which makes it hard to trek so far for just that. But it really is so much more and worth the visit!

  12. I’m not much of a beach girl, but even I can appreciate a paradise like Fiji. Your photos look fantastic and I’d love to explore some of the lush rain forests.

  13. I’m already convinced with number 1 πŸ˜‰ And number two convince me even more -it’s one those destinations that I imagine as paradise πŸ™‚

  14. Oh, how I’d love to visit Fiji. I can imagine how divine the hotels are, the beaches … and now I know the food is good, too.

  15. Fiji looks so amazing! I would love to visit, especially for the reasons you listed. The landscapes are so gorgeous and the food looks delicious. That’s cool they have good Indian food–would love to try it there!!

  16. I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to Fiji. I totally agree with all these reasons and we’d go back to Fiji in a heartbeat. The Fijians really were some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. Hearing “Bula” anywhere brings a smile to my face. We stayed at the Hilton in Denauru and would love to explore the other parts of the islands and also try out the resorts you stayed in.

  17. Looks amazing. I definitely have Fuji on my bucket list. Never really thought of them having great Indian food but I will be on the hunt for it when I go. One of my favorite things. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Today I read lot of posts about Fiji and found this post interesting with beautiful photos.Fiji is with amazing views and beautiful beaches.They have admirable culture too.The hotel room in this post looks so relaxing and cozy!


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