4 Airports You Definitely Want to Fly From

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For the frequent traveller, the sight of another airport is a pretty standard thing. After all, they mostly run the same way, and if you have been to one, you have been to them all right? 

Actually not really. In fact, these days as more and more people choose to fly and by air domestically and internationally, facilities at some of the biggest and best airports in the world have become somewhat of an attraction themselves. 

Some airports have some much going on, you may find you want a little bit more time there to explore everything they have to offer for each and every traveller that passes through on their way to somewhere else!

So when it comes to airports that offer more than simply a place to fly from and grab some duty-free shopping, which ones should you definitely look at visiting when you next book your air travel?

Top 4 Airports You Want To Fly From

Beijing Daxing International Airport 

Opened in September 2019, Beijing Daxing International Airport has a unique phoenix shape and is set to become one of, if not the biggest airport in the world. With a radial design that serves to decrease the time from check to gate (8 minutes). Boasting cutting edge technology, the airport is surrounded by 70 miles of forest.

Created to be as eco-friendly as possible, Daxing International Airport is designed to let as much natural light in as possible thus negating the need for additional light during daytime hours and photovoltaic cells are used for the heating and cooling of the building. You can also find a different ‘garden’ at the end of each departure corridor too.

Singapore Changi Airport

One of our all time favorite airports to transit through and voted the world’s best airport for 7 years running, Singapore Changi Airport has gone all out to give travellers the best airport experience possible. Who wouldn’t want to slide to their gate instead of walking? If you’re checking in at Terminal 4, you can do just that.

Or maybe you want to experience the majestic 130-foot indoor waterfall?  There is so much to see and do at this airport you will not complain about the 3 hour recommended arrival time prior to departures! Explore a sunflower garden, go for a swim or even hang out at the kid’s game lounge. Hopefully you aren’t just passing through and have time to really explore Singapore itself too. This is one of our favorite Asian cities for family adventures. 

Hong Kong International Airport

Three out of the 4 top airports are all in Asia. Here in Hong Kong, you can immerse yourself in the culture at Hong Kong International Airport with art exhibitions or take part in a workshop making personalised products or one of the many exciting activities based in the Dreams Come True Workshop in Terminal 1.

Or simply indulge your shopping habit and dine in at one of the many restaurants the airport has to offer. This airport has plenty for visitors to do on a transit layover or if you just arrive to the airport too early for your flight. 

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

The only non-Asian airport listed in the top 4 here is Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, which is a delight for travellers of all nationalities. Boasting an internet centre, medical centre and conference rooms. They have thought of all your practical needs here. 

You can head to a workstation, or even take a nap after you have checked in and even get a haircut!  This isn’t just your standard airport, it includes all of your travelling needs – including shower facilities, internet, food and more.

Next time you are booking your flights across the world, why not take some time to consider some of these airports as transit airports. While there, don’t just plop down on the closest seat – get up and go explore all there is to do and see. You might just be surprised at what the different airports offer.

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