Club Med Québec Charlevoix: A Unique Nature Based All Inclusive

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Are you interested in taking your family on a vacation that everyone will love?  Look no further than Club Med Quebéc Charlevoix. This nature based all-inclusive getaway has something for everyone. Opened in 2021, this property is the only Club Med in Canada and the only mountainside resort for the brand in North America. While this location is often thought of for the winter ski offerings, summer is actually an ideal time to visit for nature and adventure loving families. The unspoiled natural landscape is a revitalizing reprieve from our busy city lives. 

We have experienced a few all inclusive resorts, but this was our first Club Med experience, and I have to say we are sold! Club Med Quebec Charlevoix follows the well known tradition of the Club Med brand, where you are provided excellent child care, exciting activities and amazing food and service all-included. This nature based club provides fun and educational activities for everyone in the family including a miniature version of the signature circus school. 

Read on to find out why Club Med Quebec Charlevoix needs to be your next family holiday destination. We share the ins and outs of the club, what you need to know before you go and more to make sure you have the best holiday possible. 

Location & Getting to Club Med Québec Charlevoix

Front Entrance at Club Med Québec CharlevoixClub Med Québec-Charlevoix is located an hour and a half drive from the Québec City airport. For those coming from the United States, most flights will probably need to connect through Toronto or Montreal and then to Quebec City. Our flight arrived late at night, so we opted for the airport pickup. It was smooth, easy and truly stress free. 

If you are visiting Club Med Quebec Charlevoix as part of a larger vacation, there is on site parking that makes it easy to self drive. Covered parking does cost an extra $25 (Canadian) per day, while the open air lot about 5 minutes walk down the hill is free. If you are considering doing other things during your visit you might price out the cost of the transfer versus renting a car. It is an easy drive to the resort, and you could easily stop off in Quebec City and Montmorency Falls on the way in/out.  If we were to visit again during the summer, we would opt to hire a car to also explore the surrounding areas. 

Also note for late arrivals, all the restaurants are closed by 9 pm and there is very minimal food available. The bar in the theater area has ready made ham and cheese sandwiches that can tide you over until morning. We highly recommend arriving early in the day to  make use of the facilities as much as possible!

Video Walkthrough

YouTube video

What to Know Upon Arrival

Beautiful overlooks of the St Lawrence River await you from almost every corner of the resort

One of the first things you will need to do once you arrive to the property is get the lay of the land. I have to say there is a bit of a learning curve at this property. To save you a little time and frustration I’ll give you some details to help you out. 

Resort Layout

There are 3 buildings at the Club Med Quebec Charlevoix. Building A is where all of the action occurs. This is the lobby, restaurants, spa, pool and theater area. It is here that you will register for your activities as well as meet for your activities. Building B and C are only rooms. Oddly, these buildings do not have the same number of floors which can be confusing on your first day. If you are trying to get from Building B or C to A, the main building, you will go up or down levels, to level 4, to get to level 5 in Building A. I was so confused the first day when the staff would tell us that the restaurants were at level 5, but our elevator map said level 4. There are only two walkway bridges that connect the 3 buildings which is why you will always need to go up or down a level unless you happen to be on one of the bridgeway levels.

Booking Activities

The next big thing you need to know is that you need to book your activities in advance but only the day before at certain times. Essentially people begin lining up a bit before 4 pm each afternoon to book their hikes and mountain biking for the following day. Mountain biking can only be booked at this time, while you can theoretically book same day hikes, however, they are often sold out by the morning time slot.

In general, afternoon activities don’t sell out as quickly as morning. On your first day, spend a little time at the hiking desk learning about all the options and making note of what you want to do during your visit. There should be the entire week’s list of hikes and times available so you can plan your week, even though you can’t book in advance.

If you want to book any spa treatments for your stay, this is the time to also schedule that as they also fill up quickly, especially during busy times.


Parent’s room, with balcony and connected restroom with full bathtub/shower.

Club Med Québec Charlevoix has a wide range of rooms and suites to accomodate most guests needs. In general there are superior rooms which have forest views while the next level of rooms up, the Deluxe rooms have amazing views of the St Lawrence River. Superior rooms can sleep up to 3 in a single room, or 6 in connecting rooms. There is also a Superior Family Room which can sleep 4 in two seperate sleeping areas, perfect for families. 

The “kids” room in the Deluxe Family Room. There are two twin beds and the sofa can also be made into a bed if needed.

We stayed in a Deluxe Family Room with River View. This is a great option for families who need space, but don’t quite need the luxury of the Exclusive Collection Suites. With the Deluxe Family Room you will have two seperate sleeping areas, plus two toilet areas, but no living room as can be found in the luxury suites. For a family of 3 or 4 this room will be perfect. We loved having the river view to wake up to every morning and the small patio off the room to sip coffee or check out the scene below. 

One of the two bathrooms in our Deluxe Family Room

For those wanting more space, we recommend the Exclusive Collection Suites, where there are two sleeping areas, two bathrooms and a living area. This accomodation level also comes with other perks like priority booking for the spa, wine services and even room service for a continental breakfast. 


What really sets Club Med Quebec Charlevoix apart from other Club Med offerings in the focus on nature based fun during their summer program. The wide array of activities on offer are perfect for families or couples looking to get closer to nature and fuel their adrenaline. 

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking at Club Med Québec Charlevoix
Mountain bikes plus all of the protective gear is provided!

The top attraction here for many adventure loving families is mountain biking. Twice a day, mountain biking classes are offered to guests free of charge. The classes are organized by age for children and skill level for adults. Children who are able to level up their skills, can then take classes with the adults if they want to further challenge themselves. After 1 session in the 11-13 year old group my son leveled up to Intermediate level 3. From that point on he took his class with the adults and other youth who had also been moved up. Overall it was a great experience for him. 

For the young ones, this is an AMAZING offering. There are no equipment rentals as it is all included. The bikes are as high quality as the instructors. We were highly impressed with the gear and instruction offered. Paying for just this alone would more than pay for your entire trip here. For adults, I will give a word of warning. It is hard, but it is also quite fun if you can let go of your fears (I could not!)

As I mentioned above, booking for mountain biking occurs each day between 4:15-6 p.m. on Level 3 of Building A. If you are at the resort during busy times, I highly recommend lining up before 4 p.m. to ensure you get your choice of morning or afternoon classes. Mornings tend to be busier, so if you do have the flexibility and want more attention, consider an afternoon booking.  We also would recommend trying this early on during your stay to maximize your opportunity to bike each day. 

Thematic Hikes

On the thematic hikes we got to sample a lot of flavours of the forest.

One of the activities I most loved were the educational based thematic hikes. These are more like easy strolls in the forest with an educational component. They are run by an outside group called Foret Gourmande. This group is a co-op that not only leads hikes here at Club Med, but also runs a small shop selling great products foraged and produced locally from the forest. 

During our week we were able to do the Mixology Forest gathering hike, the mushrooms hike and the maple hike. The only one left that we didn’t get to sample was the berries hike, but that is mostly because they told us that there were no more wild berries. 

A sample of the various mushrooms we found on our walk

If you only have time for one hike, I’d suggest the mushrooms hike as it adds in a few components from both the other hikes and is just super interesting! My next favorite was mixology forest foraging. We really loved this one, and would happily do it again. We loved the samples so much that we came back with all of the dried herbs and syrups that we learned about.  I highly recommend these hikes! They are easy enough for all ages as long as you have some level of mobility to complete a 3km walk over sometimes uneven surfaces. Kids will also enjoy these hikes if they are interested in nature and foraging at all. 

Regular Hikes & Walks

Apart from the thematic educational hikes, there are also more cardio focused hikes on offer. I unfortunately did not get to participate in these as I was not feeling well the morning I had planned to go. I woke up with allergies and wasn’t quite up for the 8km strenuous hike I had signed up for. However, all the guests who I spoke with really enjoyed these hikes as well. There are easier hikes like Le Button (which you can also do on your own easily) and the Village walk as well as more challenging hikes going straight up the mountainside! When signing up for the hikes, you will be provided with all of the information necessary to know if it will be right for you.

As a bonus, the resort also has free to use hiking poles at the exit of the Ski Room. I was very happy to see these as I was unable to bring my own. 

Gondola Ride to Le Massif Mountain

One of the great things about a summer visit is having lift tickets for unlimited rides on the Le Massif de Charlevoix gondola to the top of the mountain. The gondola ride to the top takes around 15-20 minutes each way and offers a stunning panoramic view and an abundance of hiking and biking trails for use. The gondola operates from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We rode the gondola several times to do our own hikes and my son used it for his mountain biking class. This was a really great addition to our stay.

If you have time for only one hike at the top of the mountain, we suggest Le Button. It is an overall easy stroll through the forest, with a climb up 160 stairs to a lookout point over the river, Le Massif Charlevoix region and the resort. This is perfect for a clear day. 

Circus School

I will admit the thing I most knew about Club Med before our visit was that they are an all inclusive resort, but that they had the uber cool Circus School at their many resorts. While the Club Med Quebec Charlevoix does have a miniature version of this classic school, it does not have the trapeze lines like you might have seen or experienced at other resorts. If that is one of your main attractions, this may not be the resort destination for you. Circus classes are offered in the morning (mainly for smaller kids) and in the afternoon at 3 p.m. for the flying arts – ropes and silks. I sat in on a few classes and was really impressed with the instruction and organization. We didn’t quite have enough time to do the hikes and the circus program!

Other Amenities

For our family the outdoor activities were the highlight for us, there are a few other amenities worth noting.

Nightly Entertainment

If you are familiar with other all inclusive resorts, you will know that nightly entertainment is a key feature of a stay. We loved that much of the entertainment here was curated and performed by staff we saw each and every day around the resort. During our stay, we saw live bands, a fun show called Music Factory where the staff dressed the part of famous musicians, a carousel circus performance, a pirate show and our favorite the kids show. My son was always ready for the nightly shows and wouldn’t let us leave until the famous Club Med song was sung at the end!

Indoor Swimming Pool

The resort has an indoor pool that was massive and beautiful! We visited a few times to check out the scene and lounge in the hammocks, but never had time to actually swim. On the one rainy day we had during our visit, the pool was hopping. We managed to still bike ride and hike in the rain, but most quests opted for this indoor fun. For the adults there are also hot tubs on site that are great after a strenuous mountain biking session!

Club Med Spa

Another amenity I was unfortunately not able to partake in was the Sothy’s Club Med Spa. I had limited time available from my all my hiking and biking and sadly they did not have available times when I was free. The spa looked lovely and is top of my list for our next visit. Looking at the spa menu, the prices are quite reasonable as well, which I was surprised to see. Even though I didn’t get to go, I recommend making a booking upon your arrival, so you don’t miss out!

Yoga Classes

Next to the spa on the 3rd level of the main building is a space for yoga classes. This is the perfect place to start your day or to come to relax and unwind. There are yoga classes offered throughout the day including vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga.

Club Med Fitness Center

The resort also has a fantastic fitness center for use by guests during their stay. Two rooms house an array of equipment including treadmills, bikes and all the weight machines you could need. Additionally, there is another room with space for cardio work on your own. 

Kids Club at Club Med Québec Charlevoix

One of the best features of Club Med resorts are the extensive kids club offerings. Club Med Quebec Charlevoix also has great options for child care during your stay. There is a Baby Club Med for infants and small children, the “Mini -Club Med” for kids aged 4-10 years old and of course the Passworld Teen club for teens. 

During our visit, we were able to check out the offerings of each and spy out the kids at play throughout the resort as we went on our excursions. The kids all looked to be having a blast all the time and seemed to really love the instructors. The staff were active, engaging, and often seen playing with the kids when they were off work!

We met a family who were sending their 8 month old to the Baby club for the first time ever. They were nervous, but when we saw them next, they said their baby was perfect and had a nice stay. He was happily being dropped off again!

The Mini Club Med activities include hiking, butterfly catching, insect identification, and a host of other outdoor adventures. While indoors, the children have a large play area and their own private outdoors area as well. 

Dining at Club Med Charlevoix

One of the best parts of Club Med in general is the all inclusive nature of food and beverage. Knowing that you can eat and drink to your heart’s content during your stay and not receive a massive bill at the end is really a great way to vacation.

Le Marché

At Le Marche, there are chef’s preparing many dishes right in front of you.

Le Marche is the buffet style restaurant and is honestly the main one you will need although it is great fun to sample the other offerings as well. While this is a buffet, you will find various stations with a chef preparing your food fresh while you wait. The fish station was always pumping out fresh fish, and in the mornings, made to order omelets and fried eggs were also being prepared.

We were blown away by how good the food was at the buffet. Many all-inclusive resorts that have a buffet option are mediocre at best, but the food here was truly gourmet. There was so much variety every day from Asian inspired dishes (we had Okonomiyaki, fried rice, Chicken biryani, pho and more!) to classic family favorites like pizza and pasta. The pizza crust was out of this world. It was freshly prepared and so good. We ate pizza every day just because of this!

Le Chalet Restaurant

Le Chalet offers dining between buffet meal times as well as a unique offering of regionally inspired dishes. We were unable to visit for any meals other than an early dinner one night where we sampled the “Tasting Menu”. This was perfect for a table service meal in beautiful surroundings with gorgeous views. As the waitress told us “This is a sample, then you can go fill up more at Le Marche”!

Our sampling included a local charcuterie board with cheeses and meats, followed by deep fried oreos that were AMAZING! We really enjoyed our “fine dining” evening here as it was nice to have someone serve us at the table.

Terroir & Co Speciality Restaurant

The only restaurant that is not included in your stay is Terroir & Co., a cheese fondue restaurant. We were hosted for a meal here and really enjoyed it. If you are celebrating something special or just want to try out what a fondue meal is like, this is well worth the extra cost. The cheese fondue and assorted local charcuterie meats were all sourced locally from the Charlevoix region. Reservations are required.

Club Med App

It is recommended before your arrival to download the Club Med app. While the app doesn’t quite do all the things I had hoped it would, it is a useful resource before and during your stay. You will need your name as it is written on your reservation as well as your booking number to log in. Once you are logged in you can see the daily “dress code”, which are fun ways to connect with the staff and other guests. During our stay, there was a 45 day, pastels and a chocolate and cream day! 

Also in your app will be the daily schedule of events – yoga, nightly entertainment, etc. Hopefully as time goes on, this app will let you do more like book your spa visit, hikes and more. For now, it’s a work in progress. 

Things I Would Do Differently Next Time

Ping Pong with a view at Club Med Québec Charlevoix
Ping pong is always fun.. especially with these views!

We loved our stay here and would love to return not only to check out the winter ski offerings, but also to explore more of the mountain in summer.That said, for our next trip, I would do a few things differently. 

Make time for Quebec City

Every person we met was surprised that we hadn’t taken time to explore Quebec City en route to the resort. I think if I were to come again, I would book a few days in the city before or after our Club Med experience. While you can take a day trip to the city through the resort, it sounds like it’s well worth spending a few days.

Rent a Car

If we were to do it again, I think I would probably hire a car so that we could arrive at a more reasonable time. This would have allowed us to spend a day or two in Quebec City as well as to explore the area on the way to and from the resort. With the free parking option, it may end up being around the same price as the shuttle transfers.

Arrive early in the day

I felt that this resort did have a bit of a learning curve, so it would have been helpful to have an afternoon to get the lay of the land, check out the activities and begin easing into our time at the resort. We arrived late at night and had to jump right in. 

And now we will have to return to experience the ski in ski out, group ski aspects of the resort in winter. I can imagine being out for a day of skiing at this inclusive ski resort would be just what the doctor ordered for a winter family holiday.

Why Club Med Quebec Needs to Be Your Next Family Vacation

Who is Club Med Quebec Charlevoix for? Honestly this destination is perfect for a multigen holiday, for families with kids of all ages and of course couples too. The mountain biking option really offers a unique opportunity for families to get outdoors and bond together. It offers the younger ones the ability to test themselves and really go after their goals.

Hiking here is wonderful for most everyone in the family. The thematic hikes are excellent and a great opportunity to have hands on learning while on vacation. You know we love that as homeschoolers.

Club Med Québec Charlevoix provides a unique, adventurous all inclusive vacation that will meet the needs of all of the family members young or old, ensuring that everyone has a really good time in the great outdoors. I have never traveled with my parents, but I could see this being a place they would really enjoy as well. I know my son would be off riding bikes and I would be hiking while the parents could go to the spa. At the end of the day, this is a vacation everyone in the family will remember, talk about, and want to return to again and again!

Have you been to a Club Med before?

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