Disney Easter Eggstravaganza

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Disney Easter EggstravaganzaOne of the reasons we renew our annual passes at Disneyland every year is because of the many yearly holiday celebrations. We love Mickey’s Halloween party, the fantastic Christmas decorations and holiday themed rides and of course, Easter. There aren’t fancy decorations or unique parades, rather, following in modern tradition, there is an Easter egg hunt that my son looks forward to every year. The Disney Easter Eggstravganza runs yearly at both Disneyland and California Adventure for the two weeks preceding Easter Sunday. For 2018, it runs from March 16 – April 1.

This do-it-yourself Easter egg hunt located separately at both Disneyland and California Adventure is a great way to explore parts of the park you may not have ever noticed before. This year’s hunt takes guests to some of the many wonderful shops around the parks. Can you resist purchasing things? We couldn’t! But, we also discovered some really cool places that we hadn’t seen even though this was our 99th visit to the park!

How Does It Work?

Disney Easter EggstravaganzaThe way the Disney Easter egg hunt works changes a bit each year, but the gist is, you buy a sticker board/map, find the eggs throughout the park and place the corresponding sticker on that spot on your board. When you are finished, you return it for a special surprise.

Where Do You Get Your Eggstravaganza Map?

The Disney Easter Eggstrvaganza map can be purchased at a few special locations at each park. In Disneyland, you can purchase your board at a special booth near the entrance of Disneyland (where the parade ends around the circle off Main Street) or at the Disney Showcase shop.

At California Adventure, you can get your map at both Elias & Co and at Oswalds the vintage gas station just at the entrance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each map costs $5.99 + tax. A bonus this year is the ability to use your annual pass for a discount, with the map even cheaper than the $5.99 list price.

The maps at both parks are different, with a slight variation in stickers between the two parks. Just this little bit of difference is enough that makes most kids want to do them both!

[box]Tip: If you buy your board at Elias & Co or the special kiosk in Disneyland, you can also pick up your prize at the same time. This is highly recommended so you don’t have to wait in line again once you have finished. You also get the best choice of egg as they occasionally run out.[/box]

Where Are The Eggs?

Disney Easter Eggstravaganza
Can you find the egg?

Once you have your board, you will see a white egg shape with the name of where you can find an egg in the park. This year’s map gives the name of locations like the ‘Emporium’ which tests your knowledge of the park before you even set off!

Now that you have figured out where to go, keep your eyes peeled for large plastic Disney character eggs that are hidden in the background in and around the shops. A hint: This year, all of the eggs are up high.

The Prize

Disney Easter Eggstravaganza

After you have completed your sticker board, return to the location where you purchased it to receive an egg prize. In year’s past you were given an egg at random, but this year guests can choose which egg they want between Mickey, Minnie, Sully, Mike, Cinderella and Belle. Just to avoid any possible disappointment, there is no candy inside your egg, just a cool sticker!

Disney Easter EggstravaganzaAdditionally this year you can purchase the eggs as a 6 pack without even doing the hunt in case you want to add these in to your egg hunt at home. They also have a special Pluto egg for purchase as well as a two-pack of Star Wars eggs.

Hop to it, the Easter eggstravaganza only runs from March 16 to April 1st!

Want to know more about what you should do or how you should prepare for your trip to Disneyland? Check out our archives on all things Disney!

Have you participated in the Disney Easter Eggstravaganza? Do you have any tips to add?

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Disney's Easter Eggstravaganza Easter Egg Hunt

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