Stocking Stuffers for Travelers (Under $20)

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My favorite part of Christmas morning is pouring out the contents of my stocking. I also love stuffing everyone else’s stockings. It is a special art (and joy) to find little trinkets to fill up our massive stockings with things that are useful, fun and not too expensive. As a kid my stocking was filled with the crazy (furry topped pens), the practical (sewing kit) and the sweet (jumbo lemon heads). I try to carry-on that tradition with my son now. But for myself and my husband, we don’t need any more J-U-N-K as we call it in our house – we need things we can use (or eat!).

Adding to my Gift Guide for Traveling Families post, I thought I’d throw out even more of my favorite stocking stuffers and some that I hope to see in my own stocking this year. Hint Hint husband! So here you go, my top stocking stuffers for travelers (under $20)!

20 Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

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Stocking Stuffers for Travelers (Under $20)

RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards & Passports

I love these little RFID Blocking Sleeves that you can use to protect your passport and credit cards. Instead of opting for an entirely new wallet that has RFID blocking properties you can just put this around your credit cards in your wallet or purse.

Ring Light for Selfies

We all love our selfies these days, so just get over it and recognize it’s here to stay. I love this little Ring Light for Selfies that you can easily carry with you for whenever you want to strike a pose. It just adds a little extra pizzaz to your photos. Pair this with the new portrait mode on the iPhone 8 and X and you will be styling!

SD Card Storage Wallet

Do you travel with several SD Cards? I know I do and I’m always terrified of losing them in my bag somehow. In comes this awesome SD Card Storage Wallet that is waterproof, rugged and even has a carabiner to clip on the inside of your bag so it doesn’t fall out or get lost.

Clip on Reading Light

As a family traveler, I am often awake well after my son goes to sleep for the night. While on the road this means that in a shared room, I’m stuck in the dark just looking at my phone or working on my computer. But, with this tiny Clip On Reading Light I can lay right next to him in bed and read until well into the night. And, my little one loves it as well for when he’s sneaking some reading time in bed at home!

Anker Power Core Mini

I cannot live without my lipstick size Anker PowerCore Mini. It’s small but provides a good charge for my phone when I’m out and about all day. And it makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

Cord Tacos & Ties

Another totally practical item. Can you tell I like the practical things for Christmas rather than clutter? For men, the headphone holder and leather cord tacos make great stocking stuffers, while for kids and for other family members I prefer the Bobino cord wrap that comes in 3 different sizes. I can almost guarantee I will see some of those in my stocking this year!

Lewis N Clark Clip Stash

This year it’s all about the RFID blocking products. There are card holders like above, but there are also cool little coin purses that are also RFID blocking.When I’m in countries that have a lot of coinage as currency I like to carry a small wallet and this Lewis N Clark RFID Blocking Clip Stash Wallet fits the bill! It’s small enough to easily clip onto my leggings or stuff into my backpack.

20 Stocking Stuffers for TravelersWorld Laundry Bag

I have two of these World laundry bags that we use when traveling. Clothes that aren’t going to be washed in route and one for clothes that need to be cleaned before returning home. I love these bags! Since they fold up so small, they are great for the stockings! And for the first time ever I actually saw these for sale at a local shop.. the trend is catching on folks, grab them while you can! Check out the new airplane print bag too!

Laundry Line

Such a simple little thing, this laundry line (or this one that I now am in love with – Lewis n Clark) is something I have used since my first trip to Europe in 2000. It is small and super light and can be used anywhere. I have hung it from balconies in Berlin, attached it to my hostel bed in Switzerland and even used it at home in the backyard. I know, sort of a silly stocking stuffer, but it’s obvious I now follow in my mom’s footsteps of giving very practical weird items in stockings!

Mini Sewing Kit

Usually I just hope to stay in a nice enough hotel that has a mini sewing kit on offer in the room, but barring that, it’s nice to have your own little kit to travel with, especially if you are on the road for a while. I like this Mini Sewing Kit because it’s theoretically TSA approved (but you know how that can be!) and it includes everything that you will need to fix up a hole, a button or more.

Flint Roller

Again with the practical.. but isn’t that what stockings are for? I love this Flint Lint Roller. It’s super tiny, but powerful enough to actually want to take with you on a trip. Perfect for families with pets who can’t seem to ever get clean of fur even when 1,000s of miles away from home!

20 Stocking Stuffers for TravelersNew Outlander Packable Day Pack Backpack

I personally prefer to carry most of my travel items in my little phone purse, but sometimes we need things for a long day out – water bottles, sunscreen, sweaters, etc. For those days, this awesome packable New Outlander Daypack comes in really handy. It’s super small and lightweight so it’s no issue to carry with us on travels, but it packs well and holds quite a bit a stuff. And it’s durable too!

Pocket Size Wilderness First Aid Kit

Being a mom means I need to always be prepared for injuries, especially while on the road. This little pocket size Wilderness First Aid Kit is perfect. The tin is small, but keeps things from getting frayed rolling around in the backpack and has all the essentials you will need for a day out. I add in a few other necessities like bug repellent wipes, benadryl tablets and a small neosporin ointment.

ChicoBag Bottle Sling

The ChicoBag Water Bottle Sling is a little, very light water bottle sling which is great for hiking and even cruising through the streets of London! It hangs super low, but not too low to interfere with walking, is light and even has a little pouch for money, keys or chapstick! This is a great gift for those who love hiking in nature or urban settings!


If you have read my other gift guides you will know how much my son wants a LifeStraw for Christmas! It has been on his list for ages, and this is the year he will get one. But apart from kids finding the coolness out of a straw, it’s a great item for other travelers too. Ever been hiking and wanted to have a sip of that ice cold water rushing down the mountain? Now you can!

Pocket Monkey Wallet Tool

Since we can’t carry pocket knives anymore, or even a Swiss Army card, this TSA approved Pocket Monkey Wallet Tool looks like a good replacement. It doesn’t have a knife, but it has a lot of little helpers that will come in handy while out on the road. I particularly love the phone stand that you can make with this and your credit card!

Compressed Towels

This is something moms and campers love – Compressed Towels. These little coin sized tablets need just a little bit of water before expanding into a soft absorbent towel. They are perfect for on the go, in the car, while camping or traveling.

Stocking Stuffers for TravelersMini Atomizer Spray Bottle

I love having a little fresh scent around with me when I travel, but who wants to carry a bit bottle around? Welcome to the Mini Atomizer Spray Bottles! These can be used for perfumes, for aftershave and even for a toner spray!

Travel Bottle Set

I love to get luxury toiletries in small sizes, but I also have a ton of little things that I need to bring along with me that don’t come in travel sizes. For those things, I love this Travel Bottle Set. They are leak proof, clear hard plastic and of course TSA size approved.

Travel Size Luxury Toiletries

I am always happy to add to my stockpile of luxury travel size shampoo, conditioner and body soap. My favorite is the Molton Brown body soap selection that you can get only in Europe and the UK. But there are also great small versions of Kiehl’s, Pureology and more online or at shops like Ulta.


Whew.. that’s all I have for today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I add more as the season goes on. As I shop around, I am bound to find other things that I know travelers will need in their stockings!

Do you have a favorite stocking stuffer that I should know about? Share it with me below!

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The best Stocking Stuffers (for under $20) for travelers

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