Bear Viewing in Alaska with Regal Air

Bear Viewing in Alaska - Lake Clark National ParkOne of the biggest attractions for visitors to Alaska is to see wildlife in their natural habitat. This can be achieved almost everywhere in Alaska from seeing a bald eagle fly overhead in Anchorage to hiking with moose at Flattop Mountain. However, it is the bear that is perhaps the ultimate symbol of Alaskan wildlife. Seeing one of these strong, unbridled creatures on their home turf, for even a fleeting moment, is a magical experience.

During our visit to Alaska, we were lucky enough to see 5 grizzly bears in Denali National Park as well as the resident bears at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, but it just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t the vision I had created in my mind after years of watching the live webcam feed of bears catching salmon at Brooks Falls or of bears clamming on mudflats in Lake Clark National Park. I couldn’t leave Alaska without trying to realize that dream. So, we decided to splurge for a “once in a lifetime experience” on a flight tour with the goal of seeing bears up close and personal, hunting, playing and sleeping.

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