Ultimate Australian Road Trip Ideas

Ultimate Australian Road TripAustralia is a destination that has been on my travel wishlist for ages. From the beautiful beaches, the Outback’s barren remoteness to trendy cities like Melbourne, Australia is a dream destination. Being big animal lovers and massive road trip fans, it goes without saying how alluring Australia is with their unique wildlife viewing opportunities and self-drive tours of the country.

Best Road Trips AustraliaA country almost the size of the continental US is not easy to see in a short amount of time, which is exactly why it keeps getting pushed down my wishlist. If I could easily fly between destinations and see it quickly, I would have already visited, but as any Australian will tell you, there is no better way to experience all that the country has to offer than by road. My dream is to hire or buy a campervan for several months and hit the road for the ultimate Australian road trip.

For a little travel inspiration and to keep track of the information for myself, here are the best Australian road trip routes with tips and information how to make this dream a reality.

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