Searching for the Best Carry On Spinner Luggage

After 6 weeks of travel in Central America with my favorite eBags Motherlode carry on, I was in need of a change. As much as I adore my Motherlode, it only has two wheels which is just not so wonderful once you have tasted the sweet life of 4 wheeled luggage. Thus, the hunt was on for the best carry on spinner luggage out there. Turns out many of the popular spinner bags are hard shell suitcases. I’ve never had a hard shell suitcase, but could immediately see the benefits of them, especially traveling off the beaten path where bags take quite a beating.

In my search, I checked out quite a few bags, however I only tested 2 different carry on size hard shell suitcases at home as well as one soft sided carry on spinner luggage piece.

The two hard shell suitcase brands that I checked out were eBags and Away. I am very familiar with eBags and have always loved their gear as well as their damage/return policy. Away is the darling favorite in travel circles these days, so it was an obvious choice to examine as well.

In addition to these two, I also checked out a bag by my other favorite travel brand, the Eagle Creek Gear Warrior Carry On.

While all the bags have great features, only one could make the cut to join me on my 5 month ‘Sample the World’ trip with my 8 year old. Read on for the review of each bag and take a guess which one will make the journey with us!

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Review: ProPacking Cubes, the Family Packing Essential

ProPacking Cubes: A must have travel accessoryDo you struggle to stay organized when you travel? If so, this post is specifically for you! At home some might say I am an organized mess, meaning I know exactly where everything goes and is, even if it looks like a tornado swept through moments before. When I’m traveling I am pretty much the same. Super organized, but can lean towards sort of a mess.

In come packing cubes. I have been using packing cubes on and off since my first solo trip 16 years ago, however I have found they have achieved greater importance for me now that I  travel with a child. I love packing cubes so much that I recommend them to every new traveler I meet. It really is a packing essential, particularly for families.

I already have several different brands of packing cubes that I rotate regularly between my trips using them for different purposes. However, when I was contacted by Pro Packing Cubes and asked if I was interested in their product I of course said YES! I love packing cubes and always love the opportunity to test out new gear to see just what I might be missing. I decided I would set all of my other cubes aside for my trip to Costa Rica and use only the Pro Packing Cubes to get a true test of how they function on the road.

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