Homeschooling for Beginners: What You Need to Start

Homeschooling has become more popular these past few years due to the pandemic, so I thought I would share more about our homeschool journey, including the whys and hows of what we do. – in essence homeschooling for beginners! To be honest, I had always considered homeschooling, but I didn’t quite believe I was smart … Read more

Adventures in Homeschooling

Since the inception of this blog, I really haven’t written much here except for travel or local adventures. However, as we venture into homeschooling (again), I want to share my frustrations, triumphs and finds with others who might be considering this or who find themselves in this situation due to the current environment. I find … Read more

Gap Year Recap (Month 3): Panama, SLO CAL & Home

Our third month of Gap Year travel was a bit different than what most people would do while taking a year off. We started off the month in Panama and then came home for 3 days to then set off again on a quick media visit to San Luis Obispo County a few hours north of Los Angeles. Finally, a few days before Christmas we were home for the holidays!

Cian had always said he was fine to miss school and fine to go away for the year as long as he could be home for two of his favorite holidays – Halloween and Christmas! So we made sure to make that happen. As much as I would have loved to keep on traveling from Panama all the way down to South America, I knew that he needed to be home for the holidays even if we couldn’t participate in all the holiday activities he normally likes.

So, here we go for our recap!

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