15 Fantastic Things to Do in Israel with Kids

Are you considering traveling to Israel with kids? Visiting Israel this past year with my son was one of the big surprises on our year away. This complicated country often gets bad press and as such doesn’t end up high on family travel destination lists, but it should! Israel offers a myrida of great things to do for all ages and types of travelers.

Whether you are religious or not, Israel is an amazing place to travel due to the fascinating history, unique landscapes and of course the delicious food. Read on to find out why we loved Israel and think that more families should put this little country rich in history on their wishlist.

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10 MUST Read Tips for Traveling to Israel (+ What to Do)

Are you traveling to Israel soon? If so, read on for our top tips on traveling to Israel along with the best things to do in Israel included too!

Israel is a beautiful, complicated, full of history country. Only the size of New Jersey, this country is bursting with amazing places to visit for both the religious and non religious. However planning a trip to Israel brings a lot of unknowns for first time visitors. After spending almost a month in the country this year with my son, I want to share this detailed travel guide with you including all that I wish I had known before visiting Israel. 

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