7 Must Visit Spots on the McKenzie River, Oregon

Oregon is renowned for outdoor recreation and the wild and scenic McKenzie River, Oregon is a great place to experience so much the state has to offer. The McKenzie River is a tributary of the Willamette River that runs through this area and is a favorite spot for mountain bikers, hikers, and rafting and fishing enthusiasts alike

On our multi-family road trip to Oregon, we started our adventure on the the McKenzie River located in the lush green forests east of Eugene. This river is not only beautiful, it is special in that it is fed by a network of cold (ice cold!) springs located under lava flows in the Cascade Range. Some of this water has been underground for 7 years! Because of how the river is supplied, even with the epic drought in the West, the river never runs dry.  

From hiking on old lava flows to relaxing in ancient hot springs, the McKenzie River in Oregon is loaded with family friendly fun. The McKenzie River area is one of our favorite spots to visit in the Pacific Northwest. Read on for our recommendations on what to do, where to stay and what to eat while visiting this beautiful part of Oregon.

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