27 Amazing Things to Do in Los Angeles with Kids

Are you planning to visit Los Angeles? If so, check out our favorite things to do in Los Angeles with kids.  After living here for 7+ years exploring every nook and cranny with our son, we know all the best things to do in LA with kids big or small!

Since moving here, I have become very aware of the image people have of Los Angeles – obscene traffic, out of control botoxed wanna-be celebrities, gang violence and ugly strip malls. Yep, we have all of that. But we also have so much more.

I will admit that it took me a while to get over my NorCal leanings and really see LA for all it’s amazingness. But now that I do, my goal with visitors is to also show them the real LA, not just reinforce their impressions from the TV and film industry.

After years escorting visitors around, this is our list of the most epic things to do in Los Angeles for kids offering a broad sampling of everything this vast city has to offer.

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