10 Electronic Free Activities for Kids 5-12

Electronic Free Activities for Kids 5-12One of the first adages of flying with children is give in to the screen. Allowing your kids more screen time during travel makes life easier for everyone, but what do we do now that governments are moving to ban laptops and iPads from some international flights? In my post a few years ago, I outlined our favorite electronic free activities for babies to pre-schoolers, but what about elementary aged children? This is the age group that is of particular concern for families who have gotten used to handing over the iPad for long flights, no longer bringing bags of stuff to entertain them.

You need a backup plan. Here are some tried and tested items to have on hand to entertain your kids while traveling. Sadly the loser in the whole thing is you. Gone are the days where you can enjoy your quiet time while your kid is happily engaged with the iPad for 12 hours! 

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