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Language Immersion Family TravelIf you know me, you know how obsessed I am with my son learning other languages. My dreams of him attending a language immersion school were dashed a few years ago, so I’m constantly on the lookout for other opportunities to get language exposure. Taking after school classes and practicing Duolingo together isn’t quite enough so now I’m on the hunt for immersive learning family vacations!

Enter Lingoo. This company has recently come across my view and I’m intrigued.

Language Immersion Experiences: A Family Vacation With A Twist

Language Immersion Family TravelLingoo, the world’s biggest language exchange and homestay club offers learners of all ages the power to decide how to learn and practice a language. Their unique way of facilitating this through a language and cultural immersion holiday looks to be a fantastic way of combining adventure, fun and learning for everyone in the family to enjoy. Through these types of holidays, you will get an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the language and culture of your destination, while also seeing the world.

Whatever your family’s interest are, there is sure to be a language immersion experience for you. Lingoo currently has a network of more than 25,000 active members. From french country farmhouses to quaint Spanish seaside towns, big city Germany stays or tropical Latin American destinations, you will find a host waiting for your family in incredible locations all over the globe. And because you’ll be relaxed and having fun, you’ll be experiencing one of the most effective methods for learning a new language.

How it Works: Language Exchanges and Homestays

Language Immersion Family TravelIn simple terms, the process of Lingoo is to search their extensive database for opportunities that work for your family, join the club, connect with potential exchange or homestays and then book your stay!

In more specific terms, there are a few different options when it comes to choosing the right language immersion experience for your family. You can choose to do a two-way exchange between two families where both offer hospitality to each other, i.e. a house swap. It is an option that takes commitment to organise but is also a very affordable way of experiencing a new country and culture. With this option, there is not charge other than your membership fee to Lingoo.

Another option is to arrange a homestay through Lingoo with a host family or language teacher who you will pay directly for a one-way stay. A stay in the home of a language teacher will typically have more structured language learning sessions. Because you are completely in control of where and who you stay with, your family can plan your holiday exactly how you would like it. The price range for paid stays depends on supply and demand in particular locations, the quality of the home and reviews from previous guests – similar to how Airbnb works. 

Language Immersion Family TravelThere is such a wide variety of places on offer that it is important to do a few searches to get a feel for what is on offer. You can do this without being a member. But once you find something you want to explore further, you will need to look at the various membership options to see what works for your family.

Once you have joined onto the network, you will see that each host family has an in depth profile so you can see photos of them and their house, read about their interests and look at reviews from previous guests who have stayed with them. Lingoo also has a secure online messaging system so you can get to know each other first and discuss the types of activities that you would like to do during your stay.

And that’s it…So whether you’re just looking to brush up on language skills for fun, preparing for a move overseas or just wanting an authentic cultural experience, thousands of approved hosts on Lingoo are waiting to show the sights and sounds of their home country. Visit their site to start planning your perfect cultural immersion holiday.

Would you do a language immersion travel experience? What other ways are there to get language learning in while traveling?

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Learn a language while traveling as a family with Lingoo's homestay options.

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