Sand Sledding: Winter fun for the whole family

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It is almost that time of year again — sand sledding!  This is my favorite part of winter in LA. What isn’t awesome about sledding in warm weather not having to worry about gloves and hats and frostbite. And showing off sand sledding photos to all of our east coast friends bundled up is sort of fun too.

The berms, as they are called, should be up after Thanksgiving weekend. From experience the best time to do them is towards the beginning of the season when they are at their highest. For smaller children, who might be nervous you can wait until end of Jan and early Feb when they are much lower, but still fun.

Berms at Zuma Beach in Jan

Last year we checked out Venice Beach and Zuma Beach. I preferred Zuma, but it’s a long drive, so I would only go if you can make a full day of it. Street parking is close to the beach and the berms so you don’t have to lug your gear too far which makes for a great free family outing. The sand dunes are long, wide and high enough for everyone to enjoy.  But Venice Beach is super convenient, so that is where we go more often for a quick session.

Bring your sled (you can buy one from Sports Chalet or Big5 Sports), sand toys and a packed lunch. This is one of our favorite winter activities. And, trust me, you and your child will be exhausted by the end of the day. Running up and down the berms is a full body workout!

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