Summer Photography Essentials for Water Fun

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Summer is finally here, which if you have kids means a lot of time will be spent in or around the water. Don’t miss out on documenting your family fun just because you don’t want to take your camera near the water. Waterproof your life with the right equipment so you don’t miss that perfect shot in or out of the water this summer. Here are a few of our favorite waterproof wonders to take your summer photos to a whole new level!

Waterproof Camera Case

Summer Photography Essentials for Water FunOne of the scariest things ever is taking your beloved (and expensive) camera underwater. However, if you want amazing photos, this is often the way to go. I have used several DiCAPac waterproof bags with different cameras, one for my DSLR and now one for my Sony Mirrorless. While the bags are cumbersome and take a minute to get used to, it is so wonderful to be able to take clear beautiful shots underwater. If you plan to spend a great deal of time in the water this summer and want to have spectacular photos of what lives under the water, this is a great option. These waterproof bags are also quite useful for river rafting or other water related activities where you want the amazing shots without the risk of ruining your camera.

Make sure to properly test your DiCAPac bags BEFORE putting your camera in. My recommendation is to load the bag with tissue or paper towels, close it up properly and submerge in the bath for at least 5 minutes. Completely dry it off on the outside and open it up to see if any water leaked inside. If it did, return it and try with another one! I have not had any problems myself, but I have read reviews on different water bags where people have had issues, so make sure to do the testing first.

GoPro Hero 5

51WrCbsg2qL._SL1000_If you have the money to spare, I recommend splurging on the GoPro Hero 5. When my last GoPro was stolen I looked to replace it with the same old model. I am so glad I didn’t! The GoPro Hero 5 is amazing. It is waterproof on its own without any housing which is a vast improvement over the older models. It also has touch screen and voice activated capabilities which come in quite useful when using it in the water. I am in love with the voice activated controls and use them almost entirely. (I do look silly talking to my GoPro I am sure, but thats OK by me!)

The new GoPro has also updated its settings to include much more than the super wide angle, almost fish eye look that is often associated with a GoPro. Now you can take photos or video in narrow, medium and wide angle. I love this little camera for way more than just its water capabilities. For me as a blogger, it takes awesome photos of hotel rooms, scenery and more. It is so tiny that I can always throw it in my bag no matter where we are going. An added bonus is that you can upload the photos/videos to your phone quickly and easily making sharing much easier. Download the GoPro apps to cut and splice your videos right on your phone and share in a flash!

Yoemely Dome

Summer Photography Essentials for Water FunThere are tons of great GoPro accessories to purchase, but I have one that stands out above the rest when it comes to water fun. The Yoemely Dome Port. The Yoemely Dome Port makes it possible to take undistorted photos of whats happening under the water and above the water at the same time. For years I had wondered how people were doing this since I could never get my GoPro photos to look that way. This simple attachment makes taking underwater photos at the pool or on the beach even more fun. This is not a necessity of course, but it never leaves my go bag now that I have discovered it. Note, it is not small, so you will need some room for it while packing!

Waterproof Phone Case

Summer Photography Essentials for Water FunThe reality is these days no one is without their phone for very long and that includes while at the beach or the pool. After hiking the for hours in The Narrows at Zion I managed to keep my phone safe until the last few feet when I dropped it. From that point onwards, I have used a LifeProof phone case to keep my phone safe and sound from water damage.

There are negatives to using the case all the time, for example, the sound quality is reduced when talking on the phone, but knowing that my phone is safe even if it’s dropped in the toilet makes a world of difference for me. As mentioned above with the camera bag, make sure to do a complete water  test BEFORE putting your phone in. I have had one case fail the at home testing, so I highly recommend doing this.

Phone Pouch

JOTO cellphone caseIf you aren’t ready to go the way of a full time waterproof phone case like the one above, a great little product for your water adventures are these phone pouches that hang around your neck. I particularly like these because you can also add in a little cash or your credit cards making it much easier to be bag free while roaming the water parks, pools or beaches. I have tried a few and prefer the JOTO Waterproof pouch. The JOTO is touchscreen enabled, meaning you can still do most things on your phone while it stays dry in the bag.

Do you have other recommendations for waterproofing your life for summer? Share them with us below!

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Summer Photography Essentials for Water Fun

This is NOT a sponsored post. All products in this post have been personally purchased and tested by me.

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