Guide to Legoland Water Park

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Guide to Legoland Water ParkGrowing up in Texas, my summers were spent at the local pool or the water park, so I was super excited to finally take my son to his first water park. With hot summers, Southern California has a great selection of water parks to experience, but they are not all ideal for young swimmers. My research led me to Legoland’s Water Park as the perfect place for a first water park adventure. It is perfectly geared towards young kids who are all over the spectrum in swimming abilities. My son loves to play in water, but is still getting his confidence in deep water. Legoland’s Water Park looked to be the best place that would allow him to safely play on his own, while also providing opportunities to challenge himself.

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Legoland Water Park

Guide to Legoland Water ParkThere are several distinct areas of the water park – the original LEGO themed water park, the Legends of Chima themed area, Pirate’s Reef, Soak-n-Sail and the soon to be opening Surfer’s Cove. Even with these different areas, the water park itself is actually not that large. This is great because it means you don’t spend all your time walking around, but the negative is that during hot days it can get busy with long lines at the most popular slides. Below I will give a brief rundown of the different areas of the park so that when you arrive you will have a visual of what to expect.

We recommend that you choose an area that you think you will be at the most during your visit to set up a home base. In each major section of the park, there are small (almost kid sized!) lounge chairs where you can relax under shade umbrellas while the kids play. The front row fills up quickly, but for the most part you can see most of the play area from all of the chairs.

LEGO Water Park

Guide to Legoland Water ParkThe main LEGO themed waterpark area is most likely where families with smaller children up to ages 8 will spend most of their time. With a splash pad area (Splash Zoo), a lazy river and two slide/lounge pool areas, kids of all ages will find something that they love. In the Duplo Splash Safari area, smaller kids (6 and under) and those lacking water confidence will enjoy playing in shallow water with animals spraying water as well as building their confidence on several small water slides. For beginners, this is a fun area to base yourself.

If you are with more adventurous swimmers, cross over the lazy river bridge to another wading pool with bigger slides and deeper water. It is recommended that all kids who go down these slides are confident swimmers as they will need to swim out after sliding down.  However, this is a great area if you have big and small kids as there is a shallow pool and a play structure with water cannons to play with. Both of these areas have plenty of seating along the sides of the pool.

Guide to Legoland Water ParkCHIMA Water Park

The much anticipated Chima Water Park will reopen in summer 2017. As all things Legoland, there are activities in this area for all ages of children. Our favorite is the play structure at the entrance with spraying water, an alligator slide and shallow water to play in. Behind this there is also a wave pool that will provide bigger kids a ton of fun in deeper water. It wouldn’t be Legoland without opportunities for building with LEGO bricks. Here visitors can build a boat and race it down the waterways.

Pirate Reef & Soak-n-Sail

Guide to Legoland Water ParkPirate Reef and the Soak-n-Sail areas are set back a bit from the rest of the main water park features, which provides a good reprieve from all the madness if it’s a busy day! Pirate Reef is an actual boat ride that splashes down into a pool of water, splashing all the kids playing on the ship overhead. You are sure to get soaked here!

Soak-n-Sail is a fun play structure that has shooting water jets and dumping buckets where you least expect them. This is a large structure that is fun for kids to roam around on, exploring the different areas all while getting soaked and soaking their friends too!

Note, neither of these areas have lounge chairs as they are more geared towards people coming and going rather than staying all day.

Surfer’s Cove

Guide to Legoland Water ParkSurfer’s Cove is the newest section of the Legoland Water Park, set to open at the end of June 2017. During our visit this was yet to be completed, however it looks to be awesome, especially for the adults, older children and confident young swimmers. In Surfer’s Cove kids can race their friends (or parents!) down timed water slides that are 17 feet high and more than 100 feet in length. Riders jump on mats and slide down head first!  There will also be a splash pad area with multiple water jets turning on/off.  Surfer’s Cove will also be home to the new eatery, Beach Street Tacos. We got a sneak peek of the tacos and they are insanely delicious! I’ve not stopped dreaming of the carnitas; seriously it’s that good.

FAQ & Tips

Can we purchase a ticket to just the water park?

Unfortunately you cannot buy a pass just to visit the waterpark. The only way to gain admission to the water park areas is through the main park. Legoland often has great deals such adding on the water park for an extra $5 or buy one day’s ticket and get an extra day for free. If you have already been to Legoland before, or you are attending during the hot season, it’s well worth adding the water park on so you can experience something new and have the opportunity to cool down in the heat of the day.

What should we bring?

The best scenario is to dress yourself and your children in their swim attire prior to visiting the park. The locker rooms can get packed at times. In this case, remember to bring dry clothes to change into after the water park. Towels are also a must as the park does not offer any for loan or rent. If you forget your own, you can purchase one before entering the park.

Many people recommend water shoes, however we found that a basic pair of flip flops are fine to use while moving around the water park area. One very important item to bring is a waterproof case for your phone. Instead of using just a case, we preferred the type that hang around your neck. This way you can also include money and your credit card for any purchases. Lastly, we recommend bringing a wet bag to store your wet suits in case you go back and forth between the two parks.

Can we bring our floaties?

Yes and no. Guests are permitted to bring and use their own lifejackets (and arm bands) only if they are U.S. Coast Guard approved. However complimentary life jackets are provided on a first come first serve basis for any children who need them. Unfortunately, no floating rings, loungers, etc are allowed inside the water park.

Where do we put our valuables?

Day use lockers are located both inside the water park and the main park. If you plan to be at the water park for most of your visit, I would recommend using the ones there. Lockers are $10 per day for a medium locker (fits a small backpack and a small beach bag) or $14 for the large lockers. You can go in/out of the locker as much as you require throughout the day.

Is it safe?

Legoland has done an amazing job at making sure the water park feels safe for children of all swimming abilities and for the peace of mind of parents. Lifeguards are everywhere – at the top of slides guiding children on at the correct time, at the bottom to help them if they fall deeper than they wanted and all around the sides of the pool areas. However, it is important to still pay close attention to your children when you are not in the water with them. But that is a benefit of this park; you do not have to be in the water with them the entire time.

Guide to Legoland Water ParkTop Tips

  • Rent a locker to store your valuables
  • Bring a water proof case to hold your phone and some money
  • Find a base for yourself at the start of your visit
  • Plan your lunch break during the busiest times of day from 1pm -3pm
  • Let kids know in advance that the pools close every few hours for 10 minutes

Any other tips or recommendations for visiting Legoland’s Water Park? Please share them with us below! Have fun!

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Overview of Legoland Water Park in California

NOTE: I was invited to cover the inauguration of the new Surfer’s Cove section of the Legoland Water Park. Legoland provided accommodation and free admission during our visit. However, all opinions and recommendations are my own.

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