Visiting Sagrada Familia Tips

Visiting Sagrada Familia Tips

Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia Basilica has been on my wish list since I planned my first trip to Europe in 2000. Unfortunately I was lured to Eastern Europe and never made it to Spain. After all of these years, my dreams of visiting Sagrada Familia was finally realized on a family trip from Madrid to Barcelona. I couldn’t wait to finally see this magnificent uncompleted building in all of its glory!

Can you even imagine any building being under construction for over 130 years? It’s insane to think about, especially coming from the US where not much is even that old. But that is how many years work has been going on at the Sagrada Familia (with breaks due to Spain’s civil war).

The architecture, the detail work and the history that has gone into the Sagrada Familia Basilica is phenomenal. You can spend hours walking around and still find new details to gasp over. Read on for our Sagrada Familia tips to help make your visit amazing!

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