20 Popular German Christmas Market Foods Worth Seeking Out

If you are heading to Germany this year for the holiday season Christmas markets, this post is for you as we share all the most popular German Christmas market food you will want to try on your trip. The assortment of amazing and delectable Germany Christmas market foods are reason enough to book your flight … Read more

Dishoom: The Best Indian Food in London

Everyone is always looking for the best Indian food in London and I’m here to tell you that it is Dishoom! Ever since we left India several years ago I have been on the hunt for great Indian food everywhere we go. After living in India for almost a decade, you can imagine our standards are quite high.

We require a good variety of dishes common to India (aka paneer), good spice levels and authentic tastes. It is not easy, but we have found some delicious Indian food around the world, sometimes in the least expected places! One of our favorite Indian food discoveries was on our trip to Fiji last year. It was a small hole in the wall place that our taxi driver recommended when we had a 2 hour layover before our flight home. It was a perfect and unexpected way to end our trip.

However, we have found our new favorite Indian restaurant that is not in India. It’s the old style Irani Bombay cafe chain restaurant Dishoom in London. I know, it’s a chain restaurant, but keep reading!

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Where to Eat in Hoi An | Our Top 5 Hoi An Restaurants

Vietnam was a total surprise for us in many ways, but especially in the food department. Vietnamese food is fresh, varied and absolutely fantastic. The problem when you arrive to a town like Hoi An is there are SO many places to eat that it is often overwhelming choosing where to go. Obviously, even with a week in town we did not become experts on where to eat in Hoi An, but we found a few favorites that will get you off the main circuit and eating some delicious food in between searching for your own favorite eateries!

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Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is known for its cobblestone streets and looming volcanos. This UNESCO Cultural Heritage site is one of the best places to visit in Central America. For a small town, Antigua seems to have an unlimited amount of places to eat making it feel like you are in the epicenter of international cuisines. There are all types of food from delicious Guatemalan restaurants to Tex-Mex to Indian. If you can’t find something to eat here then you are in trouble! After 3 weeks in the country taking Spanish classes, we kept dreaming of some of the best restaurants in Antigua Guatemala.

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Icelandic Rye Bread – Geothermal Baking at Fontana

One of the coolest aspects of Iceland is the insane amount of volcanic activity happening on the island. It is often called the land of fire and ice due to the more than 30 active volcanoes as well as the many glaciers dotting the landscape.

As one of the most active volcanic regions in the world, it is not surprising that it also has a great deal of geothermal activity. From geysers to hot springs and boiling sand pits; Iceland has so much happening under the ground! This hydrothermal activity is one of the ways that help make Iceland habitable. They have been able to harness this amazing power of the earth by generating 30% of its electricity from geothermal water.

The popular tourist circuit, the Golden Circle is largely centered around the different geothermal and hydrothermal properties that Iceland is known for. In this region, visitors can see a geyser erupt, soak in hot springs as well as see the awe-inspiring and powerful Gulfoss waterfall.

An additional sight on the Golden Circle worth stopping at is Laugarvatn, which is a town that lies on a hot spot, aka an active geothermal area. In the village and on the lake, boiling water erupts into several hot springs. The hot springs have been used for cooking, bathing and house heating since 1929. Even today, the entire town gets all of its electricity from the hot springs.

There are a multitude of amazing things to do in Iceland with kids, but every itinerary should include a visit to Laugarvatn which can also be done as a day trip from Reykjavik. This unique stop on the Golden Circle allows visitors the chance to soak in beautiful thermal hot springs as well as see and taste Icelandic rye bread baked in the ground in hot boiling”lava” sand.

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Where to Eat in Memphis for the Best Southern Comfort Food

Are you in town wondering where to eat in Memphis for the best southern comfort food? Welcome! You have found your way to *the* list of the best places to eat while you visit this amazing Tennessee gem.

In advance of my trip to Memphis for a conference, I asked my social media followers what I should do in the Southern city of soul. Overwhelmingly the choices were to experience the civil rights history, the music and the food.  I had hoped to do all of these, but what really ended up happening was a focus on food as I ate my way through the city searching for where to eat in Memphis for the best in southern comfort food.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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Where to Eat in Cape Town with Kids

Where to eat in Cape Town with KidsOne of the most stressful parts of travel for me is figuring out where to eat. Somehow I manage to research and plan most aspects of our travel, always forgetting to look at food options. However when you travel with kids (or a mama who gets hangry!) this is kind of important.

We typically find ourselves in situations with almost no choice or like in Cape Town, an abundance of options. To be honest, I found Cape Town to be a bit overwhelming in the food department because there were just so many choices everywhere we looked. However, on closer inspection, many of the places don’t have kiddie menus which means paying full price for a meal your child may or may not eat.

On our quest to find family friendly restaurants, we lucked out and found a few gems we would highly recommend to others. Below are our the top 5 restaurants we ate at in Cape Town that not only provided delicious food for children, but also helped to entertain them!

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Okonomiyaki : Best Food in Japan

Okonomiyaki: The Best Food in Japan Japan continues to top our favorite trips list, with Hiroshima being one of our favorite places in Japan. So rightly so, that okonomiyaki, a dish from Hiroshima, remains as one of our favorite travel meals. It’s not often I post about food in my travels. There are a handful of … Read more