The Ultimate Guide to 3 Days in Copenhagen (with Kids)

Are you planning to spend 2 or 3 days in Copenhagen? If so, I have the perfect guide and recommendations just for your visit. In this amount of time, you can cover the main sights of the city, ride bicycles around like the locals and of course eat all the delicious Danish treats!

As much as I hate to zip through a city, sometimes it is a necessity. On our recent jaunt around Europe, we had the opportunity to spend a few days in Copenhagen en route to Sweden. There is an overwhelming amount of things to do in Copenhagen, but a few items popped to the top of our list. If you only have a few days, here are our top recommendations for a visit to Copenhagen in a hurry!

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Copenhagen Card – Should You Purchase It?

Copenhagen CardOn my first trip to Europe as a backpacker I was given a sound piece of advice that I’m honestly still not always great at following: Don’t fret over the cost of attractions. Recognize that you may never visit again and the cost of seeing something that is a little over your budget is much cheaper than going home and living with regret for years that you didn’t do it only because it was a few dollars more expensive than you had planned.

I still struggle with this occasionally. I sometimes get so caught up in the moment of saving money that I forget that I am on a holiday and this may be the only time I ever visit. Given this propensity of mine, I find that city savings cards aimed to save travelers money are often good bets for me.  This allows me the ability to see more than I would pay for as individual admissions and allows me to let go of the saving money stress for just a bit!

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