5 Family-Friendly Destinations in the Mediterranean


Choosing the perfect place for your next family vacation can be tough. You want somewhere that has something for everyone to enjoy and doesn’t break the bank. Perfect family-friendly destinations typically have a good range of amenities and facilities with infrastructure that makes life easy for travelers. Parents often worry about safety, food options, accommodation and if there are enough attractions and activities for the kids to enjoy themselves.

For Europeans, the Mediterranean coast is a popular place for families looking for summer fun. The sunny weather, tasty food, beautiful beaches and wealth of attractions draws visitors aplenty. The abundance of islands offers even more choices for a families looking to get off the beaten path a bit. For those of us in the US, it’s often daunting to pick a place so far away. After some research, I have come up with some top recommendations for family-friendly destinations in the Mediterranean…all of which I am dying to visit.

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Year in Review | 2016 Summary

1-photos-for-end-of-year-postThis year for many has been a tumultuous year. With the election and feelings of uncertainty moving throughout the world, 2016 has just felt hard for many of our friends and family. Even though we have had a fantastic year of travel, I have to also admit that it’s been a hard year for us. Between buying our first home, renovating it, my 40th birthday and our beloved Xena kitty’s death, it has been a busy year filled with ups and downs, lots of stress and lots of excitement.

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