Festival of Colors: Tips to Celebrate Holi in India

Is celebrating the Festival of Colors, also known as Holi in India on your bucket list? If so, keep reading to find out all about how to celebrate one of our all time favorite holidays. After 10 years of celebrating it in the streets of India (and 7 in Los Angeles), we have become experts … Read more

Celebrating Halloween at Disneyland & California Adventure

For more than 5 years we have been season pass holders with Disney. One of the main reasons is because of the amazing holiday traditions at Disneyland. Every year my son has to visit Disneyland during the Halloween season, Christmas season and for their yearly Easter Eggstravaganza. Now experiencing Disneyland at the holidays has become a must do family tradition.

My son loves Halloween at Disneyland (tied with Christmas and Easter he says!) for so many reasons, but what he seems to love the most is the wonderful holiday decor and the slight changes to a few rides. Read on to find out what not to miss while celebrating Halloween at Disneyland.

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Celebrating Midsummer in Sweden

One of the our favorite things about traveling is visiting a destination during a local festival. Even just being an observer to local events can bring such a unique insight into the local culture. It is even better when you can celebrate these special days with locals themselves. Always on the hunt for ways to immerse ourselves … Read more