Top 4 Adult Activities For Your Family Trip To Florida

Florida is a great family friendly destination filled with amazing theme parks and beautiful beaches. But if you are a parent taking your kids to Florida, you might feel like you need a break from all of the kid’s activities every now and again. Even though there are plenty of things for the kids to enjoy, there are also a ton of great things just for the adults.  Below are the top 4 activities for adults on a family trip to Florida.  

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5 Luxury Things You Must Do In Miami

For those who love to travel in style, luxury is a must when you’re on vacation, and where better to enjoy some luxury than Miami? This is a city that knows how to handle those who appreciate luxury Miami activities, and the best thing is that you can even find some activities that don’t come with the high, luxury price tags! 

As one of the best winter vacation destinations in the US, Miami has plenty to offer travelers of all budgets, but for those who want to pay to enjoy the luxurious side of things, there is a lot to see and do. Let’s take a look at what you could be doing in Miami on your next luxury vacation.

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5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Clearwater Florida

Heading to Florida? Make sure you check out all the amazing family friendly things to do in Clearwater Fl with kids and without! Florida is a family vacation paradise with its abundance of natural beauty, white sand beaches, vibrant cities and of course the biggest and best amusement parks in the country.

Last year I visited Clearwater Florida for a conference and fell in love. So when asked me to share all of the great family friendly things to do in Clearwater to inspire you to book your next family trip there, I jumped at the chance to share my love for this part of the United States.

Clearwater is on the Gulf of Mexico on Florida’s west coast not far from Tampa Bay, making it easily accessible even from the West Coast of the US. Visitors flock to this part of Florida for its continual sunshine, crystal clear waters and perfect beaches. In addition, Clearwater Beach has a great range of hotel options, making it ideal for family holidays.

Trying to figure out what all to do in north Floriday? My friend Rob has a great post on planning a north Florida vacation!

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