Yellowstone Itinerary: How to Spend 1-4 Days For First Time Visitors

Are you planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park? If so you have come to the right place. Here we share our ideal Yellowstone itinerary for one to four days. From visiting bubbling mud pots to spewing geysers and wildlife galore you will find everything you need to plan your perfect trip.  For most families … Read more

The Ultimate Guide for Visiting Costa Rica with Kids

Are you looking to visit Costa Rica with kids? For nature lovers big and small, it is a dream destination. If I had to choose one country in the world to recommend for outdoor loving families, it would hands down be Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a large country, with an abundance of things to do from top to bottom which could takes weeks, if not months to really explore. However most travelers do not have weeks to travel around this beautiful Central American country. Luckily with our extensive guide, you can easily create a wonderful Costa Rica itinerary that takes in the best of the country from volcanos to cloud forests to beaches.

After several visits to Costa Rica with kids, we have come up with the perfect things to do in Costa Rica itinerary for adventure loving families like ours. Whether your kids are into creepy crawlies like tarantulas or slithery vipers or cuddly sloths, it is all here waiting for you to explore.

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The Most Epic Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Itinerary (SF to LA)

Are you researching for an epic Pacific Coast Highway road trip itinerary? If so, you have come to the right place. This is one of our favorite road trips in the world, especially between California’s most vibrant cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. When we first moved to California we planned to slowly work … Read more

Monteverde Itinerary & Guide

Monteverde 2 Day ItineraryStraddling the Continental Divide in the mountains of Costa Rica is Monteverde, one of the country’s top tourist destinations. In English, that translates to green mountain. And green it is! There is an almost always present layer of moisture in the air, creating what is known as a cloud forest.  This unique habitat is home to an abundance of birds and other wildlife.

Most itineraries to Costa Rica typically include a couple day stop in the cloud forests of Monteverde. Even though most visitors don’t stay long, there is quite a bit to see and do if you are really into nature. That said, visitors can experience the main nature focused sights with only 2 days in town. Below is our Monteverde 2 day itinerary from our recent visit, with additional information needed to plan your trip.

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