Top Photo Opportunities in Rio de Janeiro

It might not be the Brazilian capital, but Rio De Janeiro is the city most of us think about when we consider a trip to Brazil. That’s probably no surprise seeing that this sprawling seaside town offers some of the most iconic sights in the country. Not to mention that this is the home of Carnaval, and was also the stage for the 2016 Olympics. If you’re thinking about a Brazilian trip anytime soon, then, you wouldn’t be alone in putting Rio at the top of your list.

Unsurprisingly, Rio’s prime location in one of the prettiest countries in the world makes it a hotspot for some pretty astounding photo opportunities. It might not be the Amazon, but getting your camera out here is sure to capture some of the most iconic vacation snaps imaginable.

There are so many astounding sights here, in fact, that you may have to take a hard drive along with you to free up memory card space on your camera. You might even want to learn how to screenshot on Mac or your Windows laptop so that you can email your best shots straight to your home computer. Once you have the space to get shooting, though, you can finally make the most of iconic Rio sights like these four top picks.

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