Travel Essentials for RTW Family Travel

We have been on the road now for several months, with a real on the road test of what are essential travel items for RTW family travel. My main go-to items for travel that are on my ultimate gift guide for traveling families are still some of my favorites. However longer term travel definitely has its own set of requirements, which has prompted me to write this post.

Below are our favorite must haves for everyone hitting the road for short and long term travel with kids.

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What to Pack for India (& What to Buy There)

What to pack for India (and what to buy there)If you are like me, you probably tend to over pack for destinations that you don’t know personally. I find this especially true when visiting a developing country.  On my first visit to India I took WAY more than I needed. I listened to people who had only visited the country for short times and who also probably took way too much!

I had loads of medical supplies, so many clothes that were too hot to wear there, inappropriate shoes etc. After living and traveling the country for more 14 years, I now know what to pack for India and what to buy there. Read on for my top travel essentials for India and a free downloadable India packing list.

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My Top 7 Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials
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As I began packing for my next trip I realized that I have a few essentials that go with me regardless of my destination. Many of these items, in some form, have been coming with me for the last 15 years! If they are this essential to me, perhaps you will also find them useful in your travels.

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