Stay Connected in Ireland with Pocket WiFi

Stay connected with TravelWiFi in IrelandIn all the years we have been visiting Ireland, we have struggled with our telecommunication options. When we lived in India and would visit the homeland, we were able to switch over to a local SIM card easily. However, it meant that we no longer received our texts from home, which was sort of a bummer.

Now that we have moved to the US, our phones are “locked” to our carrier which means we have no option to use local phone SIM chips. Instead, we typically borrow an old flip phone from the parents and head out with no modern day connection to the world! This means no GPS, no way to research restaurants and no way to solve our discussions (aka fights!) about some random topic that comes up on our road trip!

This year was going to be my first year traveling Ireland on my own while my son and husband were visiting the grandparents. I needed a way to stay connected at all times so they could contact me. Enter TravelWiFi Ireland, a pocket wifi device. A friend turned me onto this amazing company and I was quickly sold.

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