A Morning at Thành Ha Pottery Village Hoi An

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One of the things we loved most about our visit to Hoi An are the many hands on activities throughout the area. The Thành Ha pottery village Hoi An is a perfect example of this. This riverside pottery village in central Vietnam is located just a few miles outside of Hoi An’s old town. If you have budding potters or are just looking for something to do, this makes for a good visit. That said, be prepared to come out with a handful of things you probably don’t need!

The village consists of narrow pathways that form a maze through simple riverside homes. You will see all sorts of pottery in various stages of production stacked by the entrances, from cups, jars, bowls and more. Even if you don’t buy anything or try your hand at making things, this is a fun morning excursion when you have the time.

How Much Does the Hoi An Pottery Village Cost?

If you do not intend to practice any pottery or purchase anything, you do not need to pay the entrance fee to the village. However, for less than $2 (35,000 Dong at writing) for adults (kids under 16 are free), it is worth it to pay before you enter just in case.

At the top of the main road, before the Terracotta Park (which requires an additional entrance fee for both adults and children) you will see a little yellow stand. Thai is where you purchase your entrance tickets.

Included with the ticket is a souvenir gift and the ability to try your hand at pottery at any or all of the potters homes in the village.

Do I Need to Book a Tour to the Pottery Village Hoi An?

pottery for sale at the Pottery Village Hoi AnNo! However if you have a tour in which it is already included, then even better. Otherwise, there is no need to book a tour to visit. The village is quite small and easy to navigate on your own.

The only benefit to having an English speaking guide is to provide more information at each home as well as translate conversations.

We visited and had a good time chatting to the local potters without any assistance.

How Do I Get to the Thành Ha Pottery Village Hoi An

The biggest issue in visiting the Hoi An pottery village is deciding how to get there. For those on a tour, your transportation is included. For those going on your own, you can bike from town or take a Grab. We took a Grab which was easy enough to get one out to the village, but took a little bit of time to get one returning. As always with Grab, just keep refreshing the page and searching for a driver again. Worst case, you can ask someone at the Terracotta Park to call a taxi for you.

What to expect at the Hoi An Pottery Village

Getting messy at the Pottery Village Hoi AnDuring our visit close to the start of Tet, the pottery village was quite empty with only a few tourists strolling around. This also could be because it was morning when most tours tend to arrive later in the day on the way back to Hoi An.

After you have paid your entrance fee at the yellow house, you can just freely potter around. As you pass each workshop, you will often be asked if you want to try your hand at some pottery. Some homes only have a pottery wheel while others only have clay art by hand.

My son enjoyed trying his hand at each and every home! Some helped him make small pots, some bad clay set up for larger pots and then he even made a little pig for Lunar New Year!

Making a pig at the Hoi An Pottery VillageYou can leave your art to dry while you walk around, but chances are you will have to transport it wet. The different workshops have boxes and or bags for easy transport.

The issue is deciding how much you really want to return home with! We decided on two pots and the pig in the end.

Once you take it home, it will still need another 1-2 days to fully dry. Therefore, if you plan to visit the pottery village in Hoi An, make sure to do it a few days before you leave so that it is easier to transport!

Have you been to the pottery village? Share your thoughts with us!

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