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Tips On Camping With Kids

Tips on Camping with Kids

Camping with Kids

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People say that you cannot go camping with small kids. That it will be a nightmare. It’s dangerous. No one will sleep. Yes, I won’t lie, camping with kids is more challenging than without children, but if you plan accordingly, take your time and enjoy the wonder through your child’s eyes you will have a wonderful time. And even if you don’t, they will! Follow these tips and you will be well on the way to a successful camping with kids experience.

Car Camping

Car Camping with Kids

Photo via Flickr

Maybe this is the type of camping you have always done, or perhaps you are the type that prefers to hike into the woods and camp in seclusion. But, for your first outing with small kids, go car camping. You want to make it as easy as possible to set up camp, get things from your vehicle, store things, etc. Car camping sites also typically have toilets and running water which is pretty great to have with kids. Once you have mastered car camping, and you and your kids are more confident (and able to carry more supplies), venture further off the path for backcountry camping. 

Organize Yourself

Camping with Kids

This is what not to do!

One of the biggest hassles of camping is loading in and loading out. Organize yourself in advance and this will be much easier. For car camping, the easiest way to organize yourself is by using storage containers to hold your necessary supplies. One for essentials (flashlights, lighters, tape, first aid kits, garbage bags, etc), one for cooking and kitchen supplies and one for entertainment. Check out Outdoor Families Magazine for a great post outlining what to include in your car camping storage bins. The only addition I would make is tape. Travel without duct tape is asking for trouble! For a detailed printable packing list, check out our post Family Camping Packing Checklist.

Go with Friends

Camping with KidsEverything is better with friends and camping is no exception. Go with friends if you can. At least one other family helps reduce the burden on your family for cooking and child care, not to mention the kids will entertain themselves for longer if they have a little gang. You will meet other children while car camping, so never fear if you can’t recruit anyone else to go on this adventure with you.

Plan Meals

Camping with KidsAnother major obstacle for many families while camping are meals. Planning meals in advance helps cut down on this stress. Organize your meals so that you do not always have to cook over a fire or a stove. Bring simple items for breakfast and lunch; think simple fixings for sandwiches, bagels and cereal. If you go with friends, organize a potluck theme or assign meals to each family so it is not too overwhelming. Also think about how to reuse leftovers or make simple snacks into lunch. 

Toys & Entertainment

Camping with KidsAs much as you want the kids to just enjoy the great outdoors, they will get bored and need other things to entertain them. Pack a few items to help ease boredom when it sets in. Think of items to help them connect with nature such as a nature scavenger hunt, bug catchers, magnifying glass and binoculars. Outdoor energy releasers like bubbles, kites, balls and scooters/bikes are great to get the wild energy out. Don’t forget to include art supplies in your entertainment box for when everyone needs some down time. Also pack glow sticks, projection flashlights and kid size lanterns for after dark fun.

Glamp It Up

Camping with KidsA benefit of car camping is that you can load more into your car than you would normally carry on your back. Add some sparkle to your night by hanging up solar powered fairy lights. These say camping fun more than anything we have seen. In the name of comfort and a better night’s sleep, pack the air mattress, your pillow from home and a duvet for snuggling under. Having your own bedding helps make you feel more at home, even in the wild.  Love your coffee? Pack a kettle and a french press with your gourmet grounds for a perfect wake up call.

Camping with kids will always mean a little more work, but the rewards are even better. Creating family memories and a love of the outdoors will be cherished for a lifetime. The beauty, hiking, roasting marshmallows over the campfire and telling ghost stories will be worth a little less sleep and smokey clothes!

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  1. My family used to go camping all the time when I was younger. We never had any issues that I know of, aside from that one time that my dad and little brother were almost eaten by a bear.

    1. Your parents were good at keeping the stress of camping away from you! Crazy that they were almost eaten by a bear! My son and I have happened across a bear out hiking in Los Angeles, but he had no interest in eating us!

  2. Very good tips. I remember when I was little my parents used to take me to camping. It wasn’t that bad!

  3. Brings back memories of the days when my parents took me and my two sisters camping. We were camping from the age of 2 years old! Like your tips, my parents always encouraged their friends with children to come along, they took it in turns of taking us on walks and treasure hunts and split the cooking duties etc. As for toys, we had a ball and two sticky mittens to catch it with, a kite, our bikes and a cardboard box. That was it and they were some of the best holidays in my childhood! I love reading your posts because you remind me so much of the childhood I had, and the way my parents bought me up. SO many parents these days are stuck on Disney and giving their children possessions then giving them life experiences. So I love how you write about experiences that should really matter to children 🙂

    1. Thanks Samantha! You know whats funny is I never went camping with my family. With girl scouts and summer camps, but never as a family event. And we never went on vacation either. Maybe that’s why I am so much more focused on creating experiences for my son rather than fill his room with things!

  4. I’m sure your kids will thank you later for these great memories you have given them! It’s such a great activity and brings you and your kids really closer together! I’m ashamed to say that my car usually looks like the 3rd pic, but I don’t have kids, so I can use that as an excuse, right? 🙂

  5. I don’t have kids but I can only imagine how much harder it makes traveling. Good for you for posting these tips to show that having children doesn’t have to mean putting a hold on your travel plans.

  6. we took our little one (9months) to a 3 weeks camper adventure in California. It worked out very well. We were moving from place to place at his nap time, so he wouldn’t be tired of being in the car. The next camping trip is planned for august, but this time it’s a tent. We will bring more stuff, but we will load the car at home.

    1. Way to go Shere! I think so many people are frightened of camping with babies and toddlers because they fear the lack of sleep! But I say start them young and they will learn how to do sleep in nature! Good luck on your car camping trip this summer!

  7. I do agree it’s worth it to come with kids to a fun activity such as camping, but I still need advice on how to keep them asleep at night and how to make sure they don’t sneak out to hunt ghosts when the folks are already knocked out.



    1. Hahah! Mine are always too scared of the bears and coyotes outside at night that they don’t leave the tent for anything! Keeping them Asleep.. Haven’t figured that out yet, camping or not!

  8. This is very good blog about going out camping along with children. Most important thing which need to keep in mind while going out with children is that you carry their toys with them.

  9. Hi there, nice sound advice. I like the idea of inviting another family to camp with yours. Such friendships formed on camping and road trips last forever, or almost.

  10. Agree – the key really is preparation. That’s it. No magic. Just preparation. It took us a couple of trips to perfect it (read my recommendations on my site if you like) but once you have your system, any subsequent camping trip is really relaxing. You know what to do and pack and that takes away a lot of stress. Yep, camping with kids is great, no problem at all as long as you plan it accordingly. The memories the kids make on every camping trip are so important. Can’t wait for the first camping trip this season. Our kids already asked us a couple of times. 🙂

  11. I like how you make it sound so easy, but having kids. My self, it is not easy, a lot of arguing and trying to make games out of everything. And preparation is a great idea, maybe containers that the kids can carry. Great post, given me some stuff to think about.

    1. Haha yes I do make it sound easier, but I think preparing in advance is a huge help and letting the kids know what you expect of them also helps. When I go with my son on my own, I let him know exactly what I will need of him. Good luck!!

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