Rickshaw Run: The Beginning

On a day to day basis it was the longest most frustrating 14 days of our lives, looking back it was the most amazing and adventurous 14 days. I should be scared, but I am not. I am full of excitement and anticipation sitting in the long line of rickshaws waiting to launch from Pondicherry. … Read more

10 Top Tips on Travelling to India with Kids

  Travel to India without children seems daunting to most people, much less with small kids in tow. However, traveling to India with kids can be a rich and rewarding experience for the entire family. Yes, it can be difficult, but I have to say that it is not that much harder than a trip … Read more

Expectations and Realities of Expat Life in India

Expat Life in IndiaI left San Francisco ready for adventure, excitement, travel and days filled with amazingness. What I found on the other side included all of this, but also loneliness, disillusionment and hard work.  I had already traveled all over the world and couldn’t seem to get my fill of adventure. I thought that actually living abroad would cure me of my disease. (Update: It didn’t work!) I left the comfort of San Francisco with the thought that even though I was heading off for an adventure that life back “home” would still be there waiting for me when I returned. After  more than 8 years in India, my former life and much of my former self were nowhere to be found.

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