Dishoom: The Best Indian Food in London

Everyone is always looking for the best Indian food in London and I’m here to tell you that it is Dishoom! Ever since we left India several years ago I have been on the hunt for great Indian food everywhere we go. After living in India for almost a decade, you can imagine our standards are quite high.

We require a good variety of dishes common to India (aka paneer), good spice levels and authentic tastes. It is not easy, but we have found some delicious Indian food around the world, sometimes in the least expected places! One of our favorite Indian food discoveries was on our trip to Fiji last year. It was a small hole in the wall place that our taxi driver recommended when we had a 2 hour layover before our flight home. It was a perfect and unexpected way to end our trip.

However, we have found our new favorite Indian restaurant that is not in India. It’s the old style Irani Bombay cafe chain restaurant Dishoom in London. I know, it’s a chain restaurant, but keep reading!

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